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Suicide Silence, Thy Art Is Murder, Heart Of A Coward - Suicide Silence is harder than ever before
 There was no question if I would attend this concert after seeing Suicide Silence at Rock Im Park. Because the band had made such a good impression on me, I had to see them again, together with many people who were quite curious about what the band would be like nowadays. The band brought Thy Art Is Murder and Heart Of A Coward along to destroy Patronaat, Haarlem.

The band that got the honour to play in front of the crowd first was Heart Of A Coward. These five guys from England drew some fans to this venue tonight and therefore the band got some movement going on quite quickly. Nevertheless, the band seemed a bit boring to the people who didn’t know them before. They didn’t have a big appearance on stage and showed the same level of stage performance as well. The songs also sounded alike, but many metal bands face this problem if people don’t know the songs well. The band still got some heads banging and some stage diving and moshing took place. If you took a closer look at the set, the band did show that they have some experience. Of course, the vocalist is an ex-Sylosis band member who proved that he does possess the vocal skills. The band is already quite famous in other countries and works on achieving that fame in countries like The Netherlands as well. The band will come back and you are advised to listen to some songs before attending their concert, because it will be worth it.

After this band it was time for heavy music by the Aussies from Thy Art Is Murder. Many people came to see this band, as they wore TAIM t-shirts. The reason for this is quite obvious, since this oiled deathcore machine has great stage performance and plays tight. During the first song the moshpit broke loose and the stage divers came back later. After two songs someone else and I carried out a guy who got hit quite hard in the pit and was totally knocked-out. After lying him backstage, with some help from the backstage manager, we went back into the venue. The fastest way to do so was by passing some Suicide Silence crew members who were setting up the banners, and then walking along the back wall of the stage. This was an unusual experience, but I also had to miss two or three songs by TAIM. Quite a pity, because the band played really well and it was my first time seeing them. Before anyone really noticed it, the set was finished. It was a short set, but the band left a huge impression on many people.

After this big wall of heavy music, it was time for the headliner of the evening, Suicide Silence. Because I’d seen this band at Rock Im Park, I was one of the few who knew what to expect tonight. During the first song, “Unanswered”, the energy within the crowd came back immediately and the first stage divers appeared again. The amazing low vocals by Eddie Hermida take the band to a harder level of music. Today would be a sort of “best of show” because the band hasn’t released a new record yet. Therefore, this show was a good way for people to get used to Eddie. After hits like “Wake Up”, “Lifted”, “No Pity For A Coward” and “Disengage”, it was time for “Cease To Exist”, a new song. It didn’t really matter which song they played, because the band had fun during every song and the crowd kept moshing and screaming along. Even a large wall of death took place, which raised the level of energy even more. Eddie showed that he is a massive beast with huge charisma, and he could already get the crowd to do whatever he wanted, although some people were still wondering if they liked this new version of the band. After “Slaves To Substance”, “OCD” and “Fuck Everything”, the band already left the stage. Fortunately, the band came back to play “You Only Live Once”. The band and crowd gave it all and many people are now convinced that Suicide Silence is back. A hell of an evening, but it was a very good place to be!

Yes, of course Suicide Silence has changed… But get over it, because the band is back and harder than ever before! You don’t believe me? Come and see them with Thy Art Is Murder and Fit For An Autopsy on November 25th in Dynamo,  Eindhoven! The best two bands will be back again to destroy yet another city in The Netherlands.