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Sick Of It All, All For Nothing, - A great first impression of the renewed Bibelot
It had been almost two years since Sick Of It All played in the Netherlands to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their first EP. Today they would play in the new venue Bibelot in Dordrecht. This show would be similar to the last one, All For Nothing would also be a support act for this evening. However, they weren't alone: the second support act would be Striking Justice.

When I walked into the venue they were already changing the stage for the performance by All For Nothing. Of course I'd missed the first band this evening, but that was okay, since Striking Justice will perform some more shows in a short period of time. The crowd had to warm-up a little when the band started playing, but after two songs the first movement and the sing-a-longs were already present. That was quite fast for a local support act, although they are more well known than most regular support acts. Although this is an amazing live band, they didn't quite fit in due to the different kind of style compared to the headliner. One of the best examples is when lead vocalist Cindy said to the crowd: "You know what to do", followed by a breakdown. The crowd then did a wall of death, which wasn't really what she meant, but Sick Of It All does often ask for a wall of death. The band gave everything and therefore they earned more respect during every song, even though they didn't quite fit in with the crowd. Some people went side-to-side and there was some hardcore moshing during the last songs. What was also really noticeable was the good sound in this newly built venue! I also can't wait to see All For Nothing live again, but fortunately I will in about five weeks, when they will be the support act for Walls Of Jericho.

After this good warm-up it was time for the NYHC legends: Sick Of It All. I didn't expect the venue to be this crowded, because it was on a Wednesday evening and the tickets were available in a 2-for-1 package. Everyone who knows this band and has seen them live, knows what to expect: a set that is played quite tight and with a lot of energy. Today wasn't any different and of course they played very well. They also played many old songs, some of which they hadn't played live in over 10 years. Songs like "Step Down", "World Full Of Hate", "Just Look Around" and "My Life" were in the setlist and the mosh kept on going. There were also some stagedivers, who all got warned by security, and one guy was even escorted out of the room. When lead vocalist Lou noticed this, he swept up the crowd with the words: "Get him back!", and back he came. But the security wasn't going to behave any friendlier and kept warning the crowd, which got a little irritated by them. When guitarist Pete saw this, he talked to one of the roadies, who then talked to the security, and the security finally left. A great statement by a very great band. Lou asked the crowd which song they wanted to hear during their set, and another similarity to the show in the Melkweg was that "Rat Pack Chad" was present. Of course he screamed that he wanted to hear "Rat Pack" and Lou said that he wouldn't sing it, so Chad could come on stage to do it again. Of course everybody went nuts during this up-tempo song, just like the wall of death, which also featured a tour member of SOIA. For a Wednesday this was a perfect evening and the band proved why they are legends once again. They played for about 80 minutes and it was 80 minutes of pure energy. They are getting older, of course, so they are a little less energetic than they used to be, but still energetic enough! NYHC proved to be one of the best hardcore scenes!