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Your Demise, Betrayal, Coldburn - The ending of Your Demise fades away a little
Your Demise" title="Search for Your Demise">Your Demise had decided to quit after ten years . Of course they wanted to see all the fans once more, so they did doing a world tour to go out with a bang. They also stopped by The Netherlands and brought Coldburn and Betrayal to Eindhoven to get the party started. Of course they wanted to party along with the crowd, so a lowered stage was installed in front of the normal stage for everyone to stage dive and come closer.

The German hardcore band Coldburn had the honour to open this evening. This band is heavily influenced by Your Demise, if you ask me. Many of Ed’s moves were copied and even the music sounded quite the same. Nevertheless, the band somehow managed to retain their own image. Because this band was so similar to the headliner, it was very easy for many people to enjoy this show and already move a little. The band was pretty tight and they were a good opening act.

Some people were confused when Betrayal entered the stage, because they didn’t bring their regular vocalist. However,  the people who had seen Betrayal the last time did see a familiar face, because it was Gino from Thick Blood. He filled in for this tour because Brandon couldn’t make it. It was probably last-minute, as Gino didn’t really know the lyrics and simply forgot a lot of them. He also tried to give his own touch to it, but maybe that wasn’t the best idea. The crowd didn’t really get into it and most people were happy to see the band stop playing. A sad but true fact, let’s hope Brandon will perform again next time.

After these short performances it was already time for Your Demise’s final show in Holland. Everyone knows Ed isn’t the best vocalist ever, and he certainly didn’t have a good day, but it wasn’t his worst either. Of course he let people sing along, but what else would you want to do on such an evening? Many people in the crowd were happy to sing along during this farewell tour, but most their voices were terrible. Nevertheless, the band and the crowd were enjoying the energy and the movement, which created a perfect ambiance.

The set list contained some older and some newer songs. Of course they had to play songs like “Shine On”, “Karma”, “Burnt Tongues” and “Miles Away”, but also the less familiar songs like “Push Me Under” and “Scared Of The Light” were played this evening. The show came to an end with, of course, “The Kids We Used To Be”. Sadly this was the last song of the evening, without an encore. The band just left the stage and the security appeared to announce that the show had ended. Therefore, the band didn’t go out with the bang that many people had expected, but it was still one of the best shows of the last few years they had played in The Netherlands.