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Slint / Disappears - Focused through dissonant chords Slint's songs lights up as high as the Dom Tower.
TivoliVredenburg is opening at the end of June; the first shows are already scheduled before. For the Slint show we have to use several escalators to finally reach the Pandora on top of the building. The black venue with some psychedelic windows has a beautiful view over Utrecht. Everything is new, so anxious to see if the legendary act and the support Disappears will work out well in the sterile environment.

Arriving a bit late in an Earthless shirt the friendly merch guy of Disappears recognizes the band on my T-shirt and shows me the entrance of the venue. Four aphetic looking guys on stages give you a less warm welcome on stage. The band gives you a weird cocktail of Postpunk, Psychedelic (garage) rock and Shoegaze. At first it’s hard to get into the sound, later the jams fell on its place. However the theatrical vocals never digest and the band is at its best during the longer noisy instrumental jams.
A darker Pandora with a black curtain in front of the main window is the starting point when Slint steps on stage. Then there is silence to intimidate the crowd. People are screaming and the band is calmly tuning their guitars before starting with an instrumental song. Disinterest is coming of the members faces of, just doing their thing. Shortly two songs from Spiderland are setting the crowd on fire. With the slow and dissonant chords the band is always threatening. The spoken words vocals are giving the band a strange twist no one else can imitate.
The atmosphere they’ve created is the blueprint for Mogwai’s and Neurosis later sound (minus distorted guitars, pounding drums and angry vocals). ‘Tweez’; a song from the same titled album is a bit up-tempo and the noisy dissonant rock gives the band a different face on stage. Again Slint is alienating and confusing the crowd. They just do what they want and never go for the standard way.
The drummer comes on front, grabs a guitar and speaks his words calm over the slowly forth coming chords. This is another Spiderland highlight of the set; eeriness and melancholy all over. Cynicism is around too when the singer asks for no stage dives just before the last song of the regular set. The band is ending with ‘Good Morning, Captain’ and the way towards the end climax and the screams ‘I miss you’ is heartbreaking. Well done guys!
What’s rest is an instrumental song and noisy up-tempo songs before Slint abruptly leave the stage leaving people confused. In the meantime they’ve impressed again with their alienating approach of Post-Rock.