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Yob/Pallbearer - Yob's Mantra Doom overloads the crowded Helling while subtle melodies of Pallbearer's Doom Sound surprises
The summer is over and the best thing to start the club season is with two heavyweights in Doom Metal. Yob and Pallbearer recently released two much appraised album entitled Clearing the Path to Ascend and Foundations of Burden. The first one has crumpled the Roadburn festival several times into pieces and the second one made its European debut on Roadburn 2013. Kicking off their European tour in the Netherlands today both bands challenge each other to go to the maximum in offering again a show not to be forgotten.

Directly from the start it’s remarkable how much Pallbearer has improved in terms of self-confidence. Starting with a new song the band is playing in a relaxed mode if they didn’t came off the plane today. The vocals of Brett Campbell are much better and convincing than the last time and collide perfect with the heavy Doom sound. The great thing of Pallbearer are the melodies and melancholy that is hidden in the wall of sound. Mesmerizing with the second song (the old one ‘Devoid of Redemption’ from the debut Sorrow and Instinction) and banging on the perfect groove makes it a highlight in the early evening.  As support they are almost one hour on stage, the time is over before you notice with the catchy slow moving Doom Metal.
Mike Scheidt and his boys are never in a rush. Starting with a the song ‘In Our Blood’ the mantra Doom Metal takes time to capture your soul. It contains a whispering voice once in a while and when the crowd is warmed up they are killed by rolling drums, a killing groove and furious vocals in the heavy ‘Nothing to Win’. It’s almost if I hear a Doom influenced Hardcore band in terms of intensity.
You can argue Yob stays too much in the same pattern in the same song but the diversity is found in between the songs. Again a new song (‘Unmask the Spectre’) in the typical mantra style and Mike Scheidt is bringing his fists in the air showing how much he loves to play the songs. This song also marks a long mellow part and it comes to my mind this sounds like Doom Metal goes Grunge. The Ozzy Osbourne alike vocals are perfect in this slow hypnotizing part.
The overload in breaks in the killer riff of ‘Quantum Mystic’ is a fan favorite and the boys are playing with the crowd in the packed venue. The band’s website name "Yob is Love" is funny but true because they play their instruments and songs with love. With closing song ‘Burning the AltarYob proves they are above the Doom Metal genre with their songs structures , grooving guitar parts, breakdowns and pounding drums. Just as Iron Maiden for Power Metal they’ve carved their own niche and after the show the trio comes towards the edge of the stage to thank the fans. Part of their success is definitely their ‘stand on the ground’ mentality. Once again Yob succeeds in worshipping you the ultimate Doom Metal riffs.