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Delain, The Charm The Fury - A special show in Haarlem with a very special guest

At the end of the The Human Contradiction tour, Delain wanted to do a special show once again. This time it would be in Patronaat, Haarlem and was called Suckerpunch. The evening would be full of special songs, special effects and special guests. The first one was announced on forehand; The Charm The Fury.

As expected, the crowd didn't really seem to like the opening act of today. During the first two songs the music wasn't mixed in perfectly and it seemed that The Charm The Fury also had to get used to this type of crowd. While a handful of people went totally insane during the breakdowns, some people banged their head but most of the crowd just stood still and didn't seem to care that much, which is a shame. While the first two songs seemed and sounded pretty uncomfortable, the rest of this short set was once again amazing. It was a shame that this was the last show of their guitarist Math, since he also deserves a huge amount of energy, something that the band did give anyhow. Vocalist Caroline tried to fire up the crowd, but this was without any succes. Nevertheless it seemed that the band enjoyed themselves and with 'Carte Blanche' their short 7-song performance came to an end quite quickly. I hope that they get some more energy/response from the crowd on the other shows that they will do with Delain in April.

Then it was time for the headliner of the evening, something a huge part of this sold out crowd was waiting for. They started with a brand new song called 'Suckerpunch'. It was the live debut of this song and the crowd was loving it. Delain played very tight from the very first note and throughout the set the band showed what they mean with special guests. Because this was the last of the Human Contradiction Tour, most of the songs were from that record. Nevertheless the band gave a good impression of all their records, including a few new songs of course. For the live debut of 'Scarlet' most of the band left the stage, while Martijn played on the piano. It was very nice to see that they brought Maaike Peters (Kingfisher Sky) on stage with her cello for this song, it was very intimate and the cello was also a good addition when the rest of the band came back on stage to play the last part of the song. This first guest appearance was followed up by 'April Rain' and 'Sleepwalkers Dream'. The next song, 'The Tragedy Of The Commons', sounded completely different because Caroline featured on stage for a special version of this song today.

With 'Turn The Lights Out' they played a second new song, although this song has been on their setlist for a while now. It seemingly fits in with all their material. This is a feat in itself, since the different albums differ distinctly from each other, but while in a live set they feel like they belong together. For 'Silhouette Of A Dancer', Maaike came back on stage and was joined by George Oosterhoek (Pestilence, Orphanage). Followed up by 'The Gathering' and 'Not Enough', the band left the stage after a superior set. Of course the band came back on stage for an encore. With 'Mother Machine', 'Stay Forever' and 'We Are The Others' they really showed how to end an supreme evening like this!

It was a shame that The Charm The Fury didn't get such a good support during their set, while Caroline got quite a big applause after their guest performance with Delain. Nevertheless it was amazing to see the enthousiasm of the crowd during the headliners set. Great evening with two great female fronted bands.