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Upon A Burning Body, Confessions Of A Traitor, When Walls Collapse - The first headline show is a quite intimate one
 While Jera On Air just ended and other festivals such as Graspop are still going strong, some people gathered together in Arnhem to see Upon A Burning Body live. The band would come to the Willemeen to play their very first headline show in The Netherlands. Nevertheless the band gained quite some fans by being support on the Trivium/As I Lay Dying tour and later on the Five Finger Death Punch tour. This evening they would bring the British band Confessions Of A Traitor and the Dutch band When Walls Collapse.

When When Walls Collapse started the room was still very empty. This probably was one of the reasons that the lead vocalist performed more off stage then on stage. He tried to gain some movement from the crowd, but this was quite unsuccesful. The band played pretty good and was a good starter off the evening, but I still don't get why bands have 3 guitarists. The guitarists always seemed to partnet up with each other and therefore didn't were very unique in the band. Nevertheless it was awesome to have a pre-release show as the opener off the evening and it sounded quite nice as well.

The second band was Confessions Of A Traitor, a band that picked up where When Walls Collapse ended. This lead vocalist also wanted more energy from the crowd and ran/jumped around off stage quite some times but he was way more succesfull than the previous band. They left an even better impression by most of the people here. The reason was quite simple, their energy level was very high and they played very tight. The band got more applause after every song and the crowd seemed to get pumped up more and more. Almost at the end of the set the lead vocalist asked for everybody to take one step closer, which was followed up by the Linkin Park cover of "One Step Closer". Their time flew by and the band had to leave the stage quite soon already.

After these two supports it was time for Upon A Burning Body from Texas. They released a new record last year and of course the band would play quite some new material. They started with the new songs "Red Razor Wrists", "Scars", "Pledge Your Allegiance" and "Middle Fingers To The World". It was very clear that the band would deliver a very intimate and tight set, but also that the band enjoys what they are doing. The crowd loved it as well since the new songs were screamed along and the people kept banging their heads and moshing around. The band went back to their record from 2012 with "Mimic" but continued their with their latest record with "Bring The Rain" and "The New Breed".After someone fell down and hit his head on the stage halfway "Once Upon A Time In Mexico", lead vocalist Danny asked if everything was allright, he noticed it wasn't and the band stopped playing, they took the kid on stage and when he said it was good the band continued with one of their most well-known song "Sin City". The crowd proved to know this band quite well when Danny talked about Texas and how they love it, the crowd was getting pumped up to sing-a-long on "Texas Blood Money". 

After this massive sing-a-long the band went back to their first record with the two songs "Carlito's Way" and "Intermission" and the oldest fans went insane during these tracks. Sadly the band had to leave the stage already after these 12 songs. But they quickly came back to finish their set with the cover of "Turn Down For What", originally by DJ Snake. This is probably the best Pop Goes Punk song that has been recorded to date. And even though Ice-T wasn't here for the feature, they managed to pull this off very good.

Sadly the set came to end, but what a good show it was once again. This band plays so good and so full of energy, but always are looking classy!