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Superbutt - 2 times in the Netherlands

When we were in Hungary we met Superbutt and had a beer with these guys. They told us that there were two shows confirmed in the Netherlands. Ofcourse we wanted to see these guys and we went to the show in Utrecht (Acu). The venue was small and there weren’t a lot of people. But Metalrage sure was partying.



The first band was T.B.C.. To be honest this was not our cup of tea. The style they played was a mixture of punk/hardcore and some emo influences. After a couple of songs we left the room and got a drink. After that one it was time for Nuestros Derechos. We were watching this band from the back of the room and after they were finished it was time for Artery. We were pretty curious for these guys who mix Bulgarian folk music with Metal. The show they played was great. This band has roots in Bulgaria but the members all live in the Netherlands. Carn and I thought it sounded a bit like Concubine. Another Dutch band to be proud of.


After that band it was time for Superbutt to enter the stage. This was the reason we were here. The band started with a song of their latest afford called Spilt Milk. But there were only three people jumping around on the music (remember that there were only 25 people in the venue). There was one friend of the band that lives in the Netherlands (I bumped into this guy again the next day). After that is was time for an old one called Bee. After playing for plus minus 45 minutes and Carn screaming in the microphone and me shouting song titles the band left the stage. The band was pleased with our reaction, we were pleased with the show.


After that it was time for us to go home. But the next day Superbutt was playing at the Babypop festival in Woerden, I’ve got a friend there so I invited him to come. We arrived there later that night and saw some bands. Including Kopna Kopna, this dutch band left a big impression on me! But again it was time for Superbutt to enter the stage. And this time they were even better then ever before.



They played the same set list again but this time there were a lot more people jumping around and the pit was pretty strange to see. With a lot of really drunk guys who wanted to throw people on the stage and stage divers who jumped on nothing. But the energy Superbutt gave at this show was amazing. Vocalist Andras was damping in the night and my opinion was that the lighting was great.



Set List:
Spilt Milk
Helmet and Gloves
Pull Ring
Jack is a Dull Boy
Losing My Way
Lust Kills
Eat My Brains