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Superbutt - The Unbeatable Eleven
And yet another CD from Hungary dropped down on my desk. This time it was Superbutt with their second full length studio album. I had never heard of this band but the cover and title were impressive. What band had the nerves to call their album �The Unbeatable Eleven�. Off course this is related to the 11 tracks long album. The cover is extremely simple with 8 nails on it. In some way, this cover made want to listen to the album. Superbutt is a band with a headcount of five. The band started early in 2000 and was born in Hungary. Before this album, I had never heard of rock or metal music out of this country. The band is pretty successful in Hungary. They have played with bands like Ignite and this album has been produced by Ignite front man Zoli Teglas. But on the album are no direct influences from this band. The sound they produce actually is quite new and original. The several samples used on this album are used on a great way and sometimes sound really freaky. When I listen to this album I really got interested to the live show of this band. When I hear the album I think the band have to be great on stage. The songs produce a lot of natural power and the lyrics are used fantastically. The style is described as Nu-Thrashcore. I think Superbutt sounds as a modern day rock / metal band with a lot of System of a Down-like weirdness in their songs. Some parts sound like Thrash but most of the music isn�t quite in that style. A song which I can recommend is Fishmachine. I liked this song because the support vocals rule and the song changes from tempo many times. Even after listening several times, I still couldn�t predict when it would change. The song is a little bit monotone but it just sounds great. I can recommend this album to everybody that listens to freaky metal. This album really contains eleven unbeatable songs. For me Superbutt have proven their album title and I hope that they will come to Holland soon. I will be there, that is for sure and maybe we can have a little word with the band during their stay in our little country. Line-Up: Bela Gabor (Drums) Salim Mahboubi (Bass) Szabolcs Szucs (Guitar) Zsolt Szentpeteri (Guitar) Andras Voros (Vocals) Tracklisting: 1. Pioneer 2. Spilt milk 3. Fishmachine 4. Bonestar 5. (Joe De Miro's) Concerete shoes 6. Balloonhead 7. Eat my brains 8. Helmet and gloves 9. Victory 10. Wild 11. Our country
Superbutt - The Unbeatable Eleven
82/1001Details Warner Music
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Buzzin Hornet on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Superbutt
Line up
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