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Superbutt, Non Divine - De Bastille Metalfest 2008
Once again traveled towards De Bastille in Schoonhoven. The last experience was one to remember. This time we drove there to see our good friends in Superbutt. 7 bands were playing but we only watched the last two bands.

The first band was the Dutch band Non Divine. A Dutch formation which plays rock with a sniff of metal. The band entered the stage in white outfits. The show sure was entertaining, the music wasn’t. The sound was pretty horrible and the vocalist sings in a language which reminds me of English. The first song I could follow his brabbeling, after that it wasn’t possible to understand what he was singing. Luckily enough the band got a decent drummer who managed to give the set some positive energy. The Machine Head cover of Davidian at the end of the set was the biggest mistake of the night. Sometimes I ask myself why there is no close friend who tells bands like this to stop fucking up a master piece. That is why takes the honors: STOP IT YOU FUCKERS!

The changeover gave me the chance to analyze the audience present this evening. And I must say I was quite surprised. It started with a group of mid 40 drunk metal heads with a strange sense of humor. Yeah guys, it is so funny to turn off the light when people want to take a leak. But normal thinking people can take a piss in the dark. After that, a mid 20 girl dressed like a barbie doll ready to f*ck. And she was honestly trying to achieve this goal. First with the local audience, who probably all filled her up at least five times, later with the band members of Non Divine. And there was this tall part emo, part punker guy in a short white shirt stoned as hell who everybody in the venue loved. I am not even going to start about all the gothic girls walking around this venue. It is great to see we still got places like this to entertain the civil people amongst us.

Headliner of the night was Hungarian based band Superbutt. I have seen this band quite some times before and they surprise me every single time. They got some kind of special power which they use to turn the dullest place on earth into one big party with moshing people. Their songs 'Better Machine', 'Eat My Brains', 'Fish Machine' and 'Pioneer' are played with outstanding perfection and the present ‘audience’ seemed to enjoy this music. Front man Andras invited the audience to do a wall of death. And of course nobody understands what he is talking about. Andras got more luck when he invites the people to do a circle pit. It was a bit lame the band only managed to play 45 minutes of their set but it sure is lovely to see. The band will be back in the Netherlands in May and I’ll be there!