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Illdisposed - Party Death Metal from Denmark
When BoEk and Carn wanted to interview Illdisposed I wanted to join them on their journey. So I picked up Carn at the train station and our journey began towards my house to pick up some stuff. After a quick stop and car change it was time to continue our big journey to Rotterdam where we picked up the Metalrage shirts! Arriving at the venue BoEk was waiting for us and we grabbed a bite in the local snack bar.

After that is was time to put on our new Metalrage outfit and enter the venue where the band was waiting for us to question them. We went into their tour bus and they started to give us beer. This ritual would last the entire evening and at the end Carn and BoEk were pretty pissed so that is the reason I am writing this live review.
The first band of the night was Final Breath. What started with a strange intro and no singer ended up in a pretty good show. The genre you can put this band in is Metalcore but with a lot of Death Metal and Thrash Metal influences. Actually it should be Death Thrash Metalcore but that isn’t really a genre is it?! The singer of the band was really trying to pump up the crowd but there weren’t that many people to pump up. So the show was a bit awkward because there wasn’t really a good reaction. After the show the band gave us a promo disc of their latest album and you can expect a review online soon!

Final Breath setlist:
- Intro
- Strong Pain
- Eyes Of Horror
- Exposed To Hatred
- Greed For Revenge
- Let Me Be Your Tank
- Under Pressure
- Mind Explosion
- To Live And To Die
- Bemoaned Animosity

After this great opener it was time for the Norwegian Black Metal band Ancient which consists out of 4 people. 3 of them got roots in Italy and actually live there and the other one is from Norway but lives in Italy for quite a long time. And the funny thing is they start with a short band introduction: We are Ancient, a band from the land of the dead!!! Really…?! After that it was really really really bad Black Metal and the only good things were the amazing drummer and at the end of the set the cool Thrash Metal riffs they used in some of their songs. But overall this performance was terrible.

During the Ancient set we were drinking some beer with the guys from Illdisposed and during the set they got completely wasted. When Ancient was finished with their set the band members were struggling to get to the stage. After a short soundcheck they started playing. The band was playing very good and the show was awesome. Too bad that the sound of the vocals were just not good. The best performed song of the night was Dark, that song was just blasting through the venue and we were really enjoying that part. Too bad the sound wasn’t that good during that song either and the set was a bit too short. Even the band wasn’t happy with the show, because of the lack of audience, the bad sound and the calm reaction!

After a short conversation we went back to our car that refused to start. After waiting 20 minutes for a start cable we went to BoEk his place to sleep and party. Overall a great night with the best Party Death Metal band of Denmark.