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Illdisposed - Alcohol and metal
Although they would be touring in New Zealand within a week, the Danish beer metallers from Illdisposed were kind enough to do some heavy drinking in our little country as well. Oh yeah, they played a show too, and we were there!

It was up to Demia to kick off this heavy and varied evening. These Dutch guys are nowadays aiming at a more international career and it is accompanied with this new band name. It was a while ago that I saw them live and I was pleasantly surprised this night; they’ve become more professional in lots of ways like playing a tighter show and improving already strong points like performance. Their modern metal has some nice hooks and the clean vocals of some of the new songs are impressive and catchy, but the songs are still not really convincing. It feels something like a new beginning with their debut coming up, which was produced by Logan Mader and Lucas Banker by the way, with a nice base of experience to build on. The future looks bright for Demia and lets hope they will do well internationally.
Review by Sledgehammer Messiah
Deadsoil was the second band on the stage. Once again a descent metalcore band from Germany with an awesome voice. Too bad the frontman of this band wasn't really a performer. The guy has an amazing throat but was dressed in a 'Fred Perry' outfit. Overall a good show but not that original. He better get some tattoos, wear army shorts and jump around the stage. Give this band a boost with your appearance I’d say! Comparisons to Caliban are not out of order here either, only they manage to put up a more enthusiastic show than them. Too bad, because the music stands for aggressiveness and moshing I’d say.
Review by Buzzin Hornet and DemonDust
The venue still wasn’t filled well when Illdisposed entered the stage. Probably highly under the influence of alcohol, as we know them, frontman Bo Summer made some jokes like they’ve got to tour the entire Netherlands to play for 500 people. The communication between the band and the audience wasn’t too good unfortunately, which certainly wasn’t improved by the band using a lot of Danish on stage. Bo kept trying to entertain the audience with jokes without any result; although I liked the dull one about the other bands being either gay or straightedge because he couldn’t get his meat shoved in. Anyway, what they did do was deliver a nice, heavy grooving show with new material from Burn me Wicked working out fine. The melodic vocal parts on some Vindication songs were played on tape, which I think is worthless; it sounds fake and is in this form not adding anything to the show and actually looks quite stupid. For the rest everything musically was great and although some negative points we’ve seen a good show of Illdisposed.
Review by Sledgehammer Messiah