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IllDisposed - 1-800 Vindication
Danish metalband IllDisposed are back with their follow-up to the well-received Kokaiinum. Starting out as a pretty "typical" death metal band in the early nineties, IllDisposed has changed their sound into a more melodic and modern sounding style. After some extensive touring on the Kokaiinum release during 2002 and 2003, the band went into the studio and recorded their 8th disc, 1-800 Vindication, and the band also struck a new record deal with Roadrunner Records.

I could describe the music by calling it a heavy mix of melodic death bands like old Soilwork and earlier In Flames material including catchy chords and melodic leads and solos. IllDisposed mixes this up with their own a bit more brutal "deathmetal-like" approach, and some humor as well. Most of the songs are mid-tempo, with here and there a faster tune, with alot of rhytmic heavy riffs to bang your head on.

The vocals on the cd are mainly deep grunts mixed with some screams, but some clean vocals are on it as well. Im glad to hear that the band didnt "over use" the clean vocals during every chorus like many bands seem to do these days. The clean parts are not dominant troughout the disc so it makes them stand out in a good way. Maybe some people will notice that Bo Summer is also the vocalist for Panzerchrist.

1-800 Vindication also has some elements that seem to be catching on in metal, mainly the use of synths and electronic effects. This, combined with the excellent production makes for a nice wall of sound with alot of things going on. The synths and effects can really add that little bit that makes a song good instead of just decent. And as with the clean vocals, the dosage is good. Having the ability to use this kind of effects is great, but if you overdo it can get annoying really fast. Good thing these guys seem to know what they are doing.

This disc is the bands most accesible work as of yet, but instead of changing their style, they only added new things, which is for the better in my opinion. The only negative thing I can say is that the disc is short. After 36 minutes the party is over, I would have liked to see 2 more songs on it, because I was still enjoying the ride towards the end! 1-800 Vindication contains some well written heavy music. I dont think the band wanted to win awards regarding originality, but they sure went for the quality.

1 - I Believe In Me
2 - Dark
3 - Now We're History
4 - When You Scream
5 - Jeff
6 - In Search Of Souls
7 - Still Sane
8 - You Against The World
9 - No More Time
10 - The Final Step