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Illdisposed - Burn Me Wicked
Illdisposed claims that a lot of alcohol will not effect your music skills, on the other hand it can also improve your creativity. After releasing their Roadrunner debut in 2004 the band is about to release their ninth album and second on Roadrunner with the title Burn Me Wicked. A new guitarist joined the band and the band claim they are better than ever.
So the band has been playing since the early nineties. After listening to this ninth album I still hear the same sound as the previous album. Heavy riffs, a really good voice and some extreme music. With elements which were also used on 1-800 Vindication,  the band is following the same path of death metal. With some guest vocalists and a lot of tempo variations there has been some evolvement but you can still hear the typical sound Illdisposed produces.
And after listening several times I can definitely say they created a decent album. Too bad the band wasn’t able to create a song which can be put in the ‘hall of fame’ like the 1-800 Vindication'  song ‘Dark’  could. Even though the song ‘Throw Your Bolts’  gets close, the band wasn’t able to reach the same level. A couple of other songs which can be recommend are ‘Illdispunk’d’, ‘Case Of The Late Pig’ and ‘Slave’.
On Burn Me Wicked the band clearly chose a more commercial way of song writing. With open and relatively simple riffs it is very easy to find your way into this record and start moving along. And yes, it is even easier to do this than on the previous record.
For the rest there is not a lot to say. The package looks good, the music is simple but effective. Illdisposed once again created an album full of party metal. It is time to drink a lot of beer and bang your head to Illdisposed.
Illdisposed - Burn Me Wicked
75/1001Details Roadrunner Records
Released on Monday May 29th, 2006
Death Metal

Writer @Buzzin Hornet on Friday May 26th, 2006

Tags: #Illdisposed
Tracklisting 01. Shine Crazy (3:36)
02. Case Of The Late Pig (3:48)
03. Back To The Street (3:51)
04. Our Heroin Recess (4:22)
05. Throw Your Bolts (3:53)
06. Burn Me Wicked (3:45)
07. Fear The Gates (2:41)
08. Slave (4:28)
09. Nothing To Fear.. Do It (3:19)
10. The Window Black (4:28)
11. Illdispunk\'d (3:38)
Line up Bo Summer - Subwoofer
Jakob Batten - Guitar
Martin Thim - Guitar
Jonas Kloge - Bass
Thomas Jensen - Drums