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Arch Enemy, Trivium - Live @ Patronaat
And finally the day had come that I was about to witness one of my most favorite bands: Trivium. Ever since the release of their latest album ‘Ascendancy’ I was completely in love with this band and therefore the decision to travel to Haarlem to see these guys supporting Sweden’s Arch Enemy was made quite easily.

Due to a kind of ‘failed’ meet & greet and a big mean guy behind the ticket desk, I unfortunately had to miss about 3 songs of Trivium, the band I came for tonight. Though, I didn’t let this spoil the fun and when I entered the venue I immediately heard that this night was going to be a night with one of the best sound qualities I’ve heard for a long time. The instruments and incredibly good, strong voice of vocalist Matt Heafy were all very clear and I can only give my compliments to the venue (Patronaat) for that. Amazing sound!
Although it was only a support act Trivium played, they got quite some people jumping in front of them and scream along whenever needed. I would love to see this band playing a headlining tour because I believe that’s what these guys are made for. They’re energetic and talented as hell and if this band isn’t gonna make it in the future, no band will make it!

Some songs Trivium played were: ‘Ascendancy’, ‘Like Light To The Flies’, ‘Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr’ and ‘A Gunshot To The Head Of Trepidation’.
Really people, if there’s one band you should check out live one day it has to be this band. These young guys have only one goal: conquering the world. And let me tell you this, they’re doing fine up till now. For me, this band is one of the most promising bands (on disc as well as live) of the past year. Keep an eye out on ‘em!

Arch Enemy
Ok, I gotta admit it: this is not the band I came for. And this is not music I would normally listen to very much. Though, to get a little bit of an impression on the bands repertoire I listened to their latest album Doomsday Machine a couple of times and I gotta say I was quite surprised by the album. This album didn’t change my opinion on death metal but it sure made the gig much more fun to me because of the fact I could actually ‘sing’ along with some songs. Actually the set contained pretty much new songs and all I could say during the show was: WOW! Vocalist Angela has an incredible strong (and manly) voice and it’s great to hear this live once. Though, I really don’t want to wake up aside of this woman because she’ll probably scare the fuck out of me with her ‘metal-voice’ asking me if I want milk or sugar in my coffee. But what the hell…she did a good job and together with her band she totally convinced me of their skills. If you’re into death metal then check this band out (if you haven’t done that ten times before already).