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Arch Enemy, Trivium - Live @ Effenaar
Once again Metalrage was present at the Arch Enemy and Trivium show. The second show was at another new venue. This time it was the Effenaar in Eindhoven. After a long day with interviews and dinner it was time to enter this new venue. Trivium was about to enter the stage so we prepared for another great evening.

When the band entered the stage you could hear a lot of fans shouting in front of the stage. In less than a year the band managed to get a pretty big fan base across Europe with England at the top of the list. The band has played twenty sold out shows there and afterwards they are supporting Arch Enemy in the rest of Europe.

The band played the same set list they played earlier that week in Haarlem but there were great differences. Where the sound was amazing in Haarlem, the quality was not as good here. But on the other hand the lights made this show. The band clearly enjoyed their set and so did the audience. With ‘Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr’, ‘Ascendancy’ and ‘Like Light To Flies’ the band once again showed us their potential; these guys are going to be huge in the future.

Arch Enemy
Who does not know Arch Enemy; the band got huge attention when their vocalist left and the replacement was a woman. And to be honest, I have never heard a woman with a voice like that. I fact, you are going to be surprised if you wake up besides Angela. And the surprise for me this night was the girl behind me. This night ladies and gentleman I heard Arch Enemy in Dolby Digital! Yeah, you know what I am heading for; behind me was a 17 year old girl who could do exactly the same as Angela did. And I instantly felt sorry for her boyfriend standing next to her!
But the set of Arch Enemy was technical, almost flawless and pretty attractive to watch. These musicians know what they are doing and the control these guys have over their instruments is magical. Too bad the sound wasn’t as good as in Haarlem but they sure left a good impression.

After a night with some lovely music I decided to call it a night, after a short chat with our lovely partner in crime Carn I went home. Satisfied after 2 Trivium/Arch Enemy concerts in one week!