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Obituary - Rednecks Stomp Through Europe
The 6th of January was the date for the first show of 2006 for Metalrage reporters Semen and Mat-Core. An interview was planned for Obituary, so logically there has to follow a live review too. Because I had to do the driving, I could not drink myself so completely fucked like Semen, but surely we both enjoyed the entire show. The line-up was very interesting, because of the 3 total different musical styles of the bands. Supporting the “Rednecks Stomp Through Europe Tour” of Obituary were Samaël and Maroon, both from Germany. This show was the first of that tour, so the bands were quite excited. (M-C)  
The first band on the bill was something quite out of the ordinary, because the style of Maroon is completely colliding with the rest. Personally, I haven’t any problems with difference, and the extremely well sounding metal-core mixed with death/trash was really pumping our veins. (M-C)
Maroon? Never heard of them. Well, this was a very nice introduction! I’m not a big hardcore-fan, but if you mix it up with great trashy parts and rolling double bass salvo’s I love it! Result: metalheads banging their brains out and core-fans trying to hit their imaginary friends with violent dancing. (S)
For me, this was a band to chill out with. Fixing a big joint filled with quality weed (although smoking weed in the Bosuil is forbidden), I enjoyed the entire show of Samaël. I recognized most of the songs, which were from Passage, Exodus and of course Eternal, which is my personal favourite record. The audience had changed from moshing metalheads to drooling gothic girls, trying to catch every glimpse possible of the bass player, which is considered very sexy by most girls. Well, I did not have any trouble with it, I was drooling too, looking at all the beauty. Yeah, Samaël really performed a swell show! (M-C)
For some reason I wasn’t very interested in the girls at the front, might have something to do with the fact that most of them were a bit under aged. (Semen considers below 20 under aged – M-C.) I was busy getting drunk and dancing (no kidding) and once again banging my head to the spaced sounds of Samaël. Good show! (S)
This is the 3rd time I am going to see Obituary in a very short period. Not that it bothers me, because Obituary plainly rules. Opening with Redneck Stomp, the first track of Frozen In Time, which is an instrumental song. This song was directly followed by the 2nd song On The Floor, of the same record. After this magnificent opening, the crowd easily succumbed to the tempting sounds of Obituary and again everybody was banging their heads again. Old classics were variegated by newer tracks and everything sounded really nice. Songs like Cause Of Death, Chopped In Half and Slowly We Rot were not forgotten, although Slowly We Rot came on the very end of the show, when they already left the stage twice. That song was really the end of a magnificent show with a very interacting crowd and good ol’ headbanging music! (M-C)
Obituary and I’m drunk… again. Great show, big crowd and (you guessed it) banging my head through the whole thing. I love this mid-paced death metal and I remember saying something like: “They’re like the Cock and Ball Torture of death metal.” They played all my favourites, mentioned above and the crowd just kept asking for more, what else do you need to know? It was great! (S)
Turned out Maroon, Samaël and Obituary is a very good combination, if you keep an open mind and like different styles of loud music. It turned out that this was a really good start of the tour! The change in the crowd was quite amusing to see. Starting with mostly short-haired metal-core freaks, going to goth girls and ending with old, long haired dudes with beards and tattoo’s. The sound was good with all bands, compliments to “de Bosuil”, I can’t remember ever seeing a band with a bad sound on their main stage. When we went back, Mat-core asked me to fix one more joint for the ride home. I thought I did pretty well, but it took me 20 miles driving to finish it! It turned out we were already home when I lit the damn thing. (S)

Live Review by:
(S): Semen
(M-C): Mat-Core