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Obituary - Live at the Boerderij with Maroon and Samael
Second night in a row, Obituary was playing in the Boerderij this time and I arrived just before Maroon started their set. The Boerderij in Zoetermeer is a lovely venue and I always look forward visiting this venue.
First band of the night was once again Maroon and although this band does not really fit the bill they sure know how to play music. With their Metalcore with more Thrash influences than Hardcore the band presents a great show to the audience, too bad they didn’t get a reaction of the crowd except from their 5 fans in the front who left the venue directly after the show. I have seen this band 4 times now and they keep impress me, one of the bands who rise above the standard Metalcore scene.
After a comes b and during this tour after Maroon comes Samael. And although I have to say this band is original and refreshing they are to mono-tone with their sound. AH Ah, Oeh oeh and many more standard lines were hitting me by dozens. And besides that the overall music isn’t that attractive, the usage of a drum computer mixed with half a drum kit is quite impressive but it does not make the band stand out of the other bands that night.
And there the legends were, as usual the older people in the venue can’t wait to see this band on their, probably once in a year thanks to their wife, night out and starts jumping already. After a short intro played by the band the set starts. Every single hit is played and the crowd is one big pit, you can still see that people have not forgotten this band but the problem is the fans are also getting older and thanks to that fact there is not that much audience for the show. Overal the band played the same set as the night before but the reaction was once again the same, these guys rock, and slowly we rot!