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Obituary - Frozen Alive
Obituary is one of those bands that will probably play the same kind of music for another 30 years (if the bandmembers make sure they don’t die in the meantime). One of the leaders of the Florida death metal scene (together with Morbid Angel, Deicide and Death), the band has mastered the art of the typical grooving old school death metal. The band broke up in 2000 but luckily reformed in 2004, with the record Frozen In Time as a result. During the tour they played in Warsaw (Poland), and a camera crew was ready to capture the action.

One could compare this DVD with the band: You get what you expect and need, and that’s about it! The disc exists of an excellent 20 song set (23 tracks minus the intros) of Obituary in great form, filmed with 7 cameras. The sound is clear and defined and the camerawork is well done. No MTV-like editing, but a very decent capture of the show, the way we like it! It is clear that the band are enjoying themselves, and the crowd is enthusiastic as well. We also get bonus footage (interviews, video clip, a making of and some backstage antics), you know the deal.

The only downside is that as an overall package, it could’ve been more comprehensive. Don’t expect lengthy documentaries about the band’s almost 20 year old career, or interviews “about the old days” (although the hiatus is one of the topics discussed). In the end it really is a snapshot of Obituary during their Frozen In Time tour; so the title is 100% correct: Frozen Alive. A must have for every death metal fan!

01. Rain [Intro]
02. Redneck Stomp
03. On The Floor
04. Insane
05. Chopped In Half
06. Turned Inside Out
07. Dying
08. Internal Bleeding Intro
09. Internal Bleeding
10. Back to One
11. Find The Arise
12. Back Inside
13. Threatening Skies
14. By The Light
15. Kill For Me Intro
16. Kill For Me
17. Solid State
18. Stand Alone
19. Back From The Dead
20. Lockjaw
21. Slow Death
22. 'Til Death
23. Slowly We Rot

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