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Obituary - Frozen In Time
After six years of silence, a rumbling sounds from the depths of the state Florida, USA. After being apart for that long, long time, John Tardy and co. are back together to bring the audience a whole new album: ‘Frozen In Time’.
They couldn’t have picked a better title for this release, because virtually nothing has changed in these whole six years. In an interview, John said that it was if putting on an old shoe; it was that easy to record another album. After five minutes in the rehearsal room, Obituary was back for 100%.
The first song, ‘Redneck Stomp’, delivers over 3 minutes of pounding instrumental death metal riffing. Perfect to introduce an album, if you ask me. Easy to listen to and it’s sure to awaken the appetite for more.
But then, ‘Frozen In Time’ is starting to take on a more unpleasant form. Not only has the sound not changed, but also the songs seem a lot alike. From the second track, ‘On The Floor’, until the eighth track, ‘Slow Death’, the intros seem so much alike that it’s difficult even for me to distinguish the individual songs when I hear them while playing the record in ‘shuffle’ mode (all these songs start in the same key).
But from ‘Slow Death on’, the songs start to change. More power, less mindless grinding and more challenging to listen to. The intros are different from the other songs (phew) and John’s voice screams like nothing has done before.
Most of the time, this sounded like a typical Obituary album to me. Which is a good thing, but I had hoped they would bring more diversion to a new record after those six years. But although the album contains some surprising stuff (I especially liked the razor sharp guitar solo in ‘Denied’), it’s still more of the same.
I think they made a good start again with this new release. They have proved they can still be Obituary.
But to be honest, I expected more from a period of silence that lasted for six years. I’m anxious to hear the new Obituary now.
Obituary - Frozen In Time
69/1001Details Roadrunner Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
Death Metal

Writer @Bastian Blackrain on Wednesday Jul 13th, 2005

Tags: #Obituary
Tracklisting 1. Rednack Stomp (3:33)
2. On The Floor (3:11)
3. Insane (3:26)
4. Blindsided (2:57)
5. Back Inside (2:43)
6. Mindset (3:54)
7. Stamp Alone (3:44)
8. Slow Death (3:03)
9. Denied (3:37)
10. Lockjaw (4:13)
Line up Frank Watkins – bass
John Tardy – vocals
Donald Tardy – drums
Trevor Peres – guitars
Allen West – guitars
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