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Disturbed, Nevermore, The Zico Chain - Now this is the land of confusion!
Thanks to some friends at Mojo concerts I got to see Disturbed play at the Paradiso in Amsteram. I went there alone and after watching two songs of the first support act and the entire Nevermore show I watched the entire Disturbed show with a colleague of mine. What happened during this night you can read in this live view. But remember I am writing this report on my way back in the train and I have drank quite some alcohol.

First band of the night was The Zico Chain. I did not see that much of this band. One song I was getting my first beer and the second song I watched drinking my first beer. But the music I heard can be called Rock ‘n’ Metal in a simple way. The two songs were attractive but simple and way too catchy. Not too bad but defenetively not my thing.

The second band of the night was Nevermore. This band is one of the two acts I was here for. The progressive metal band started way too early but I was there so that was good. When the band started playing, the sound was awful. To be honest I have never heard a concert sound this bad. This especially for the vocals, the mix was terrible and the volume switched constantly. I can image the response of the present audience wasn’t that good. Simply because the sound was horrible. And after visiting quite some shows in the past years I was surprised by the fact it can always get worse! Luckily enough the sound improved a bit during the show and the song 'Born' of their latest effort This Godless Endeavour was the best one of the night.

Headliner this night was Disturbed. The band always know what to do to get the audience going. And this night they did it again. The band managed to get the crowd jumping, singing along and every single person on the floor went crazy. I was on the balcony and after hearing every single hit the band got I was quite surprised they actually played the cover present on their latest album 10.000 Fists In The Air called 'Land of Confusion' (which originally is a Genesis song). Obviously the crowd went completely crazy! If there is one band who knows how to play with their audience it is Disturbed! They are interacting, moving correctly and playing extremely well. If they would only come over here more often, these dudes know what to do to get a great show!

When I look back at this night I can say a couple of things: Enough alcohol, maybe too much. Good and bad music but I sure had a great time!