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Nevermore, Arch Enemy - The Choice
[b]On a gloomy Tuesday evening somewhere in September it was time for a huge package of good heavy metal in the 013. It was time for the strong playing Arch Enemy and the almost godlike Nevermore. With great anticipations I raced to the The Choice and feeling ready to work my neck muscles. With a beer in my hand I was ready for the first show and because both bands on the bill brought out a new album this year, I was ready to expect some promotion!! Arch Enemy:[/b] Arch Enemy started very strongly by an intro, which suddenly burst out into the first song. The brothers Amott jumped on stage and began their ferocious guitar work. Angela Glossow was entering the stage also and began singing like the devil�s own. Damn, every time when I see this band I amaze myself about the amount of volume that little girl can produce. With songs like We Will Rise, Dead Eyes See No Future and Instinct they promoted their new album Anthems Of Rebellion. They did play some old school songs like Heart of Darkness and more. It was a quite standard set, but with the superb guitar work of the brothers Amott and the not so very great bass work of their bass player they still sounded strong. It wasn�t their best show they gave. But certainly good enough for an opening for Nevermore! [b]Nevermore:[/b]] With a long waiting period, which turned my attention to the absolute zero point, Nevermore finally came on stage. And how� with the title track of their new album Enemies Of Reality they instantly rocked like hell. I�ve heard many people who thought the amount of songs from the new album was low this set, but I haven�t found that out. They played for instance: Ambivalent, Tomorrow Turned Into Yesterday (which is a cool and strong ballad), Who Decides and Voyager. Nevermore kept the people�s interest by playing some songs from the Politics Of Ecstasy album like Seven Tongues Of God, which is a true trash song. Nice performance by guitarist Steve Smythe (ex-Testament), who was challenged to do a true Testament riff, but failed to comply. The rest of the material was mainly from the previous album, Dead Heart In A Dead World. Songs like Engines Of Hate, Inside Four Walls and The Heart Collector passed by. Warrel Dane was singing quite strong, and his extraordinary voice came well through the monitors. For the rest the band was showing off their great experience, and just finished a great show. However I really regret they didn�t play the song Passenger, from the Politics Of Ecstasy album, which is my favourite Nevermore song ever. After somewhat more than an hour ( which was too short for my liking) they finished their fabulous set.