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Hed pe - Modeh Ani

After a missed opportunity to do an interview at their last show in Holland (which was brilliant by the way), I offered to do a mail interview. That took a loooooooooong while to get back to me, but the results are finally in. Here’s are some answers by frontman Jahred

How did the recording process for Back 2 Base X go?

’That album just flowed. It was done really traditionally, with not much in the way of programming. Just a straight up Rock and Roll approach.’

Where did this much reggae suddenly come from?

’Haha… Well, I’ve been into roots for a while, but the time I spent researching 70s punk, like The Clash and shit, kind of re-inspired me to a kind of Punky Reggae…’

Are you still happy with Suburban Noize as your label?

’Yeah, this is a great situation for an artist. I’m putting food on the table, and I’m getting to express myself 100 percent. Complete honesty from the cats at the label as well, which is a blessing.’

Where did the nickname M.C. Underdog come from?

'I was in the County Jail on some traffic violations or something (that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it), and a homey I got to know in there came up to my bunk one time and was like “I got it, you are M.C. Underdog”, cuz, he knew and understood about my background. An unlikely rapper, not being from the hood, and having my foundation in punk and metal. So, I thought it was appropriate, and it stuck.'

Is there a possibility that will come back on-line?

’Hmmm, not sure. There are a lot of websites about the band. For now, the official website is the Our record label runs that site, and it has the most current information on the band.’

Do you guys prefer a hip hop or a metal orientated crowd?

’We don’t care about who comes to the shows, as long as somebody shows up! That’s whats great about this band, we get a mixed crowed. But, lets be honest, its mostly punk rock and hardcore kids that get into us. Our stuff is too aggressive musically for a lot of hip hop cats who only want to hear programmed beats and shit. Plus, our band thrives on the pit and that.’

Is there any new material written for a next record yet? And are you going to use the same recording methods?

’We are about 80 percent done with this new joint, and it is quite different from B2BX. The methods are completely different. I think our people are going to fucking love this one.’

What do you consider the gayest album in your collection?

’Ha, I can't answer that one, cuz, I’ve spent too much time talking a bunch of trash about this and that artist. Mostly for comedic purposes, but sometimes I try to bite my tongue. After a couple vodkaz I’m sure you could get some dirt from me.’

Have you guys thought about getting a second guitarist again?

’Not really. We have a good thing going, as far as getting along, and at this point, that is something that is so important to us. Also, our sound has changed, and we like the straight up punk approach to the shows. The youth really reacts well to our live shows. They look like some shit out of the UK in the 70s. Frantic. Pits are electric. We are owning this shit!!!!’

With your current sound being far more versatile than before and only three original members in the band, did you ever think of changing the band name?

'Hed pe has a mind, a heart and a soul of its own.’

Animals, are they friends or food?


Do you have anything to add to this interview?

’Modeh Ani. Life is a blessing, and I thank each and every listener for joining in this journey. Couldn’t do it without every individual pair of ears. Seriously.’