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Hed pe, Idiom - I can't hear you, bitch!
Hed pe seems to have found a certain rhythm in their career that allows them to release an album a year and to do a European tour for it every year as well. This year we got the record Insomnia, which both me and Buzzin Hornet bought at the show, and we got the European tour that included two Dutch dates. We visited the show in the Effenaar, which proved to be an evening of high class entertainment, and music of course.
Opening act were Idiom, representing the UK. This band soon showed me that they were another example of the fact that nu-metal is dead (if there ever was a clear description of what nu-metal was anyway). Mediocre rock/metal/funk songs with powerless vocals and horrid clean singing was what they had to offer, which made me lose interest in the first song already. I won't say it was completely horrible, because there were actually some people in the audience that liked it, but Idiom really misses a face of its own and the power to really convince on stage. Too bad.
There is one band in the world that joins metalheads, punkrockers and hip hoppers in one venue; Hed pe. Yet again they came, they saw, and fucking destroyed! This is some tip top entertainment man, I had a smile on my face for the entire duration of the show. Contrary to last time they now actually played more songs from the Broke album without altering them (too much). We got �Waiting To Die� (in a more punkrock version though), �Killing Time�, my favourite �Crazy Legs� and even what was a gay fucking song according to Jahred two tours ago; �Bartender�. Also there were two tracks from the debut album, the title track of the Blackout album, and a lot from the last three albums on which the punkrock is represented quite strongly. Furthermore there were complete reggae jam sessions, with Bob Marley covers and everything. Also the Sex Pistols were covered, as well as Public Enemy�s �He Got Game�. Jahred was somewhat of a stand-up comedian since his statements against the crowd were very funny, as well as his body language. At a certain point he was making a statement against George Bush (�whatever you do, don�t join the army!�) like all bands do, and some girl in the audience started screaming �Saddam Hussein�. Jahred couldn�t make out what she was saying, so after trying to hear it a couple of times it went; �I can�t hear you, bitch�. I just love this guy, I can really relate to his way of doing and to his lyrics. 
Well to conclude this evening, Hed pe is still high in my ranks and that will remain so probably, since I�m digging the new album Insomnia quite a lot again. Don�t worry, I will review that too. Say unh, I, need some hed, say unh I need some hed!