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Bring Me The Horizon, Pierce The Veil, Sights & Sounds - These bands know how to play in front of a young crowd
The metalcore band Bring Me The Horizon from Sheffield, UK, plays in The Netherlands quite often. This was the second time for them to promote their new album, which was released in April this year, in The Netherlands. Wondering what Oli Sykes' voice would be like this time, and how the support acts Sights & Sounds and Pierce The Veil would do it, I decided to go and see this concert
I walked in when the first band had finished a few minutes earlier, because I had to work during the day. What really surprised me was that the venue was quite packed, I didn’t expect so many people would be at the concert. Not only because many people keep throwing shade at the headliner, but also because this band visits The Netherlands very often. Nevertheless, it was good to see so many people, a lot of which were very young, of course.
Because I was so late, I started the evening with Pierce The Veil. It seemed like a boy band would perform when the crew members revealed the banners. Young girls were screaming their lungs out, and nothing changed when the band entered the stage. The band plays a sort of post-hardcore/progressive rock and in my opinion it doesn’t really match the headliner of this evening. But that didn’t matter, because many people sang along, the band entertained the crowd and they played quite tight as well. The clean vocals were also quite good this evening, but they could have been a little bit better. However, this was a very good support band because they got the crowd going. From moshpits to crowdsurfing and, as mentioned before, many people sang along. This was a good start of the evening.
After the set the dj played songs like “Douchebag” from Limp Bizkit. This song has so many curse words in it that I wondered if the venue would be sued in the USA, because a large part of the crowd wasn't of age yet.
After the break it was time for the headliner of the evening. The lights the band brought along reminded me of the video clip of “Still Waiting” by Sum41. As a result, it looked like a pop concert once again. During the first song Oli mentioned that he had lost his voice and that the crowd had to help him sing the songs. To be honest, this isn’t really surprising, because his voice hasn't been that good live for a few years, but what did surprise me, was that this was one of his best performances in a while. The main reason was that he growled more and for me that was an improvement of the quality. The crowd sang-a-long to all the new songs from Sempiternal and moshed to the older songs. Singles like “Chelsea Smile” and “Diamonds aren’t forever” were played, as well as almost the entire new album. The band, energy and the sound were pretty good tonight, some of which may vary between every show by Bring Me The Horizon. With the last song of their set, “Sleepwalking'', the show already came to an end after one hour, although the band should have played fifteen minutes longer. There wasn’t an encore either, which was a shame. Nevertheless, it was a great evening and once again they convinced me to come back to see their next show.