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Bring Me The Horizon, Your Demise, - A short but tight headlining show by BMTH
One of the most unexpected albums of 2013 must be the latest record by Bring Me The Horizon, called “Sempiternal”. Many people couldn’t wait to see this band live again, because this record is very mature compared to the older ones. Even more tickets were sold when the band announced that Your Demise would be the support act and on the day itself the show was sold out.

Your Demise started 15 minutes later than planned, about 400+ people were still waiting in the queue outside. It didn’t seem to bother the band or the audience, because it started as a blast. The crowd started moving from the very first song and the band played their set quite tight. The only downside today was lead vocalist Ed, who wasn’t able to get every note right, again. It was a let-down compared to their last show together with Madball, Terror and some other bands. The best reason to explain this, was that the headliner, Your Demise, and therefore also the setlist, were completely different.. Today they played many newer songs and it was a little less hard than the last time. Nevertheless, Ed stood on a concert barrier to let some people sing along and showed how to stagedive as well. Other people also tried to stagedive/crowdsurf and while some people failed miserably, others managed it quite well. Many people entered the mosh today as well. This was a strange scene because  a lot of people were hardcore moshing, while others were just pushing everyone.  It was a show you can expect from this band and it was the last time they would play in Amsterdam. Of course they ended with the song “The Kids We Used To be”, but the crowd wanted more. Fortunately the band will come back to The Netherlands, so everyone can give them the goodbye they deserve!

The band probably thought “Why would we need an opening song?”,so Bring Me The Horizon immediately kicked in with their new song “Shadow Moses”. The crowd changed a little when the band started, but not that much, because many people came here to see both bands. The crowd went crazy, but you would expect more movement during the first song of a headliner. Oli must have thought this as well, so when their second song started, a golden oldie called “Chelsea Smile”, he asked for a big wall of death. The crowd was moving during the whole set, but everything could have been a little bigger. Of course there were a lot of crowdsurfers, but I expected more of this evening. Nevertheless, the band received some movement and they deserved it due to their performance today. I don’t know if it was because it was the first day of the tour, but Oli finally performed very well for the first time in ages. It could have been because they had a backtrack and I’m not sure if everything was 100% live. Then again, if they don’t ruin their songs anymore by doing this, then why shouldn’t they? Although they also played “Diamonds aren’t forever”, it wasn’t enough for the old fans. Because they played 11 songs,  6 of which from the new record, the set was a little short and they couldn’t play songs like “Pray For Plagues”, “It Was Written In Blood” and “Sleep With One Eye Open”. They came back to play another song, again from the new record, as an encore. They showed once more how well they played today with “Sleepwalking”.  One of the best shows by these guys, and although it was a little short, it was worth it to be there.