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Volbeat - In a pool of booze, booze, booza
This evening, Sledgehammer and I, went to see Volbeat at a sold out Melkweg. Volbeat got on top of the Danish album chart as best selling album with their latest release Rock the Rebel / Metal the Devil. This is the first metal album ever to do that in Denmark. Last year they also won the awards for best debut album and best live band at the Danish Metal Music Awards. Could they show us what they�re worth in the Netherlands too? (Lukie)
We arrived a bit too late at the venue and what a bummer was that. The American rock band Waxy that was opening was just fantastic! My colleague Niamen said in his review of the same show in 013 that he didn�t had the idea that he missed anything judging by the songs on their MySpace, but oh boy he was so wrong.
I can really understand his remark because their music is just plain rock with some grunge and stoner elements, nothing really special. But there are certain bands which are simply made to play live and Waxy is one of them. Helped by an extremely good sound their music really got to me, these guys know how to put up a superb and tight live show. I could only see some last couple of songs, but by the judgement of that I can really recommend to check out a full live show of them! (Sledgehammer)
After it took us at least a half an hour to get some beer, Volbeat entered the stage with some impressive noise coming from the crowd. I couldn�t see a thing, which this time had not so much to do with my length, cause more people had the same problem. I know they started playing �A Human Instrument�. Another thing I know was that more than half of the venue started moshing instantly.
This was something else than the previous times I saw Volbeat. At the P60 (almost a year ago) it was obvious that people came to see Hatesphere and Raunchy, and although they played a good show, there wasn�t a lot of feedback coming from the audience. At Fields of Rock there was some feedback, but it mostly came from crazy Danish fans that were holding the Danish flag proudly above their heads. Maybe it got something to do with the fact that they played early in the morning and a lot of people got stuck in the row.
This evening they really got a crowd to interact with. And they made advantage of it without a doubt. Singer Micheal Poulsen must have thought that his imitation of the old rock �n roll stars like Elvis and Johnny Cash wasn�t complete yet, because he got himself glasses with sideburns attached to it. The funny image was complete when he �stole� a female purse and walked around the stage with it.
Just like their performance at FoR another guitarist entered the stage to play along with his acoustic guitar. I found out this is Christian Voltech, a friend of the band who helps them out with technical shit (as he describes it on MySpace).
They came up with another surprise act for the song �Always With U�. Boys and girls were asked to come on stage to sing along the �ooh ooh ooh� part. A few of them also stagedived and one of them even reached the balcony with it, after he did some crowd surfing through the whole venue.
Besides the good performance, their setlist had a lot of variety. Songs were played from their latest album as well as from the previous one. They played two encores and said goodnight with �Soulweeper�. The sound was good during the whole evening. It surprised me Volbeat didn�t bring a sound crew, but thanked the guys from the Melkweg who had taken care of it. Something remarkable was the crowd population. There was a mix between bearded, old biker men and young enthusiastic people. It seemed they finally got some crowd size they deserve! I would say they definitely showed us what they�re worth. (Lukie)