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Misery Index, Hate Eternal, Psycroptic, Beneath The Massacre - Summer Seek and Destroy Tour
There are some gigs which you can’t wait for any longer and seem to take ages before finally happening. This was one of those gigs. Even though we had our injection of Misery Index and Hate Eternal in January already (which was, according to Mindsaver “brilliant” as some of you might remember). Even though this was almost the same sort of tour, we had Canada’s Beneath the Massacre and Aussie’s Psycroptic as a warming up this time instead of See You Next Tuesday and Aeon. No complaints about this at all!
First band of the night was Beneath the Massacre, which was their third tour in a year time already! (with Cryptopsy and the Thrash & Burn Tour as well). I was very skeptic about the sound before the band entered the stage, because Baroeg usually has problems dealing with very technical metal bands. But it turned out to be just fine! Beneath the Massacre played a short set but seemed to have a lot of fun (with the crazy bassist stealing the show once again) and they even got the first movement in the venue already. Even though I was missing some great tracks on their setlist (where the hell were ‘The Surface’ and ‘Never More’?) the band played some great tracks such as ‘Condemned’, ‘Societies Disposable Son’, ‘Reign of Terror’ and ‘Bitter’. It proved to me once again what a great band this is, and a great warm-up for what’s to come of course! (Brent_)
Next up was Psycroptic from Australia, the only band on the bill I haven’t seen before. Where the sound at the Beneath the Massacre gig was far more than decent, it turned out to be shit this time. The sound was extremely dry and sounded more like a hardcore band rather than technical death metal! The band seemed to be annoyed by this fact as well but there was nothing to be done about it. Until the microphone started making a harsh “woooshh” noise after a few tracks and the sound technicians and the band had some time to fix the sound problems. The band kicked in with ‘Ob Servant’, the title track of their last album, after that and the sound was fixed again, giving the band the space for a smashing performance! I definitely like to see these guys again some time! (Brent_)
During Hate Eternal half of the crowd once again walked away. Is it really that bad to hear a band playing so many utter tight blastbeats, but being just too monotonous? I still think this is an exceptional band and as said in my previous live review, I just love the atmosphere that is set during their show. No band that fits its name so much as Hate Eternal. Tonight the band operated as a three-piece, since Shaune Kelley couldn't be found on stage. We did found a Vile member as session bassist, while vocalist/guitarist Erik Rutan and drummer Jade Simonetto were just doing their usual thing. With success, if it was up to me, but unfortunately without overall recognition as, like I mentioned, so many people went outside rather than supporting true death metal. The people who remained inside witnessed killer tracks like “Behold Judas”, “The Victorious Reign”, “Bringer Of Storms”, “Sacrilege Of Hate” and of course “King Of All Kings”. (Mindsaver)
I think I set a record with seeing Misery Index. This club show at Baroeg was my seventh attendance at one of their shows, this year! Overall I must have passed the count of fifteen already, yet I must add that I have never ever seen them perform a bad show in all this time. Tonight, of course, was no different. For me it is kind of redundant to still write a review about it, yet for those morons still not aware of this genius band I will elaborate a bit. This band packs so much energy, intensity and heart, they blow you away within the first few songs. After this you can only smile, headbang and mosh to tracks like ‘Theocracy’, Ruling Class Cancelled’, ‘Partisans Of Grief’, ‘Ghosts Of Catalonia’, ‘Pandemican’ and of course the finisher, title-track ‘Traitors’. All in all again a brilliant show, but I sort of feel like I can do two years without them now. Don’t go into overkill dudes, keep it fun. But then again, it always is! (DemonDust)