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Hate Eternal, Misery Index, Aeon, See You Next Tuesday - Traitors Tour in Eindhoven
A tour with both established and upcoming bands acting in the genres of (brutal) death metal, grind, and deathcore is already very interesting, and if that tour comes across the legendary Dynamo venue, Metalrage is of course for 200% present. Here’s what we witnessed.

Opening act of this tour is the mathgrind quartet See You Next Tuesday. Their music reminds me of Cephalic Carnage a bit, only this is even more chaotic and incoherent. Hectic riffs, crazy fiddling and blasting grind is what they offered to a crowd that didn’t really seem enthusiastic about it. Yet the band seemed to be having fun, making all kinds of funny remarks towards the audience. Too bad they had some technical problems in the show. And too bad that they only played for like fifteen minutes or so. Overall I can’t say I was really impressed, but I’d like to see them again when they’re a tighter and more convincing stage act. (DemonDust)

I knew that Aeon wasn’t yet another Swedish death metal band, but how they exactly sound I forgot. Yet they were there, and although the volume was way too loud, I immediately remembed why I liked them so much. Aeon incorporates a lot of brutal blastbeats, fast riffing and changes in tempo while the overall sound is still very thick and grooving. All members proved to have great skills. The drummer for example had no problem playing fills without leaving a gap between any of the notes on a high bpm. The band therefore had no problem in keeping the crowd’s attention during their half an hour of showtime. A pleasure for the ears! (Mindsaver)

The grinders of Misery Index have never failed me in a live environment, and tonight was no exception. They have recently released their new album Traitors, which was well represented in the set list with the first seven or eight tracks of that album. Other tracks played were ‘The Great Depression’, ‘Exception To The Ruled’, ‘Pandemican’ and ‘Conquistadores’ to name a few, all executed with great precision and utter brutality. High passed grinding, brutal death metal grooves and the up- and down tempo hardcore riffs were smashed into the audience in such an enthusiastic matter, the audience got into some active moshing and headbanging. Definitely the best band of the evening, which became all the more apparent when a good portion of the crowd left after this band. Misery Index still stands for a guaranteed quality grind act, still convincing new souls wherever they go. See you next time! (DemonDust)

Unannounced and surprisingly enough it wasn’t Misery Index who headlined tonight’s date, but Hate Eternal. Direct consequence was that a large part of the audience left after Misery Index. Inconceivable that a band with these qualities and name has so less fans here in the Netherlands. Hate Eternal might not be the most varying death metal band; they for sure are one of the tightest and most brutal acts without guttural vocals out there. And just like tonight, they always deliver a flawless show. The whole act fits the band name perfectly. When this band plays, the only emotion I feel is pure hate, it’s simply everywhere. The epic guitars, the relentless drums and most of all Erik Rutan’s appearance turn the atmosphere into a hate-driven event. The smaller the venue, the better they can bring this emotion over, so tonight wasn’t optimal because of all the free space between the present people, but they still succeeded in at least pleasing me with their excessive dose of lethal brutality. “Powers That Be”, ”Hell Envenom”, ”Bringer Of Storms”, ”Tombeau (Le Tombeau De La Fureur Et Des Flammes)”, ”Behold Judas”, ”I, Monarch...” I can’t get enough of any of their tracks. For me they’re the undisputable King of all Kings, and I’m desperate to see them again as soon as possible. (Mindsaver)