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Hate Eternal, Misery Index, Aeon, See You Next Tuesday - Traitors Tour in Amersfoort
Hate Eternal, Misery Index, Aeon, See You Next Tuesday. Enough reason to visit this tour twice I’d say.

See You Next Tuesday (CUNT) is the first act on stage tonight. By some criticized for being too myspace or childish, loved by others for their experimental, deviating style. That is one thing that is certain for this act; it's a love or hate band. CUNT released their second full-length, Intervals, in October on Ferret Records. Whilst Ferret is a well-known record label, this band apparently isn’t. I saw maybe 5 people moving their mouths to the lyrics. Frontman Chris Fox unsuccessfully tried to make fun of a guy in the audience that shouted “Homos!!” between a song. This guy's opinion seemed to be shared amongst the rest of the crowd for it stayed awkwardly silent. Personally I’d like to see this band again, but then on a bill with more similar bands, like Into The Moat, The Chariot or The Red Chord for example. (Mordecai)

Personally I had no prior encounter with the Swedish death metal band Aeon, but boy was I glad they are on this tour. No typical Swedish death ‘n’ roll for these guys, but fast technical brutal death metal suited for the more extreme metal fans. Aeon play a nice collection of devastating grooves and fast blasting metal which kind of got me going from the first note to the last, as they did the day before at Dynamo. Nothing really original to be detected, yet the extreme tightness and musical skills of these five dudes are so impressive you are compelled to keep listening. A sort of unintentionally funny singer makes it even more fun, and watching the drummer might make the average death metal drummer cum in his pants right on the spot I suppose. Excellent display of how to deliver some decent, fast, brutal death metal. (DemonDust)

Misery Index was brilliant. (Mindsaver)

When it was finally Hate Eternal’s turn to get up the stage a fare amount of people had chosen to leave. Strange, because witnessing a show of this band around Erik Rutan always guarantees that you will be totally annihilated by the blasts of this band, always sounding ultra tight. I can’t imagine that people have just seen enough of Hate Eternal, because in a small venue like tonight it’s great to see every detail. Today I for instance discovered that Erik Rutan is even more scaring from up close than from a distance. It’s like he just breathes pure brutality. Between all the violence I could only distinct a few songs, the most important ones being ‘King Of All Kings’ and ‘Behold Judas’. Brilliant brutal songs which are surprisingly fucking catchy, even the vocals. Nevertheless, more and more people left the show, leaving Rutan and companions playing just for a handful of people. Fortunately it didn’t become awkward, because those few people left were the fanatic ones and Hate Eternal didn’t loosen the screws for a moment, which is praiseworthy. We even got an encore, for literally ten people, so that the diehards could turn home satisfied. (Sledgehammer Messiah)