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Poison the Well - The Tropic Rot
With the not well acclaimed last album ‘Versions’ and downhill going live performances, the band needs something to make it all up. The Tropic Rot is their attempt and fifth full length album since the start of Poison the Well in 1997. The Tropic Rot should be the sign if they are still here to stay or are really going downhill. Let’s see!
Where ‘Versions’ was considered too crazy at some points and Poison the Well was “trying to hard” The Tropic Rot is a more structured album. ‘Exist Underground’ kicks in hard and reminds me a bit of Every Time I Die, but keeps tight structure throughout the track with a lot of space between the vocal parts for the instruments (especially guitar work) to really show what they’re capable of. Tracks on the album such as ‘Are You Anywhere?’ ‘Without You And One Other I Am Nothing’  and ‘When I Lose I Lose As Well’ have a bit of an indie rock/post-rock feel to it and are a great addition next to the more aggressive tracks on the album such as ‘Makeshift Clay You’ and ‘Sparks It Will Rain’. I must say I’m personally more impressed by the softer tracks on the album that kind of remind me of Thrice at some points, which is still one of my favorite bands in the genre.

Poison the Well
delivers a good album but the hardcore / metalcore tracks can’t match the standards they have set with their first few albums (who are still considered classics within the genre). But its good to see the band still trying to make progression, not with hardcore tracks but rather with the more melodic, experimental tracks. If they can match their live performances to the level they show us on The Tropic Rot, I can say with no doubt that Poison the Well is back in action!
Poison the Well - The Tropic Rot
77/1001Details Ferret Records
Released on Tuesday Jul 7th, 2009
Hardcore / Experimental

Writer @Brent_ on Sunday Aug 9th, 2009

Tags: #Poison the Well
Tracklisting 01. Exist Underground
02. Sparks It Will Rain
03. Cinema
04. Pamplemousse
05. Who Doesn't Love a Good Dismemberment
06. Antarctica Inside Me
07. When You Lose I Lose As Well
08. Celebrate the Pyre
09. Are You Anywhere
10. Makeshift Clay You
11. Without You and One Other I Am Nothing
Line up Jeffrey Moreira – vocals
Ryan Primack – guitar
Chris A. Hornbrook – drums
Bradley Grace – bass guitar
Bradley Clifford – guitar
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