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Biohazard, Backfire, No Turning Back - Down For Life
Ever since the day I bought State Of The World Adress I was hooked on the hypnotising groove within the music of Biohazard. Soon after this, Urban Discipline and the self titled debut album also enriched my CD collection. Sadly enough I’d never witnessed them live in the original line up. So you can imagine I was quite happy when they decided to do a reunion tour to celebrate their 20th  anniversary, especially since the tour would land in the 013 venue in Tilburg which is just 15 minutes away by car. Together with Gilles I went to the 013 to experience some good old urban discipline (Niamen).

On the Thursday prior to this event, I saw No Turning Back headlining a show in a relatively small venue for just a small amount of people. Just three days later they had the honor of opening a gig for hardcore pioneers Biohazard. Although I really liked both shows, NTB isn't that impressing on a big stage with the crowd on a relatively large distance. The hardcore of these guys is perfect for little, sweaty venues though. When it's easy for the singer and the audience to interact with each other, they together take a NTB-show to the next level, but on the bigger stages they unfortunately aren't capable of reaching that next level. There's nothing wrong with their music, their setlist, the sound or anything else, it's just the right band performing on the wrong stage. (Gilles)
The other support for this concert came from another big Dutch hardcore band, namely Backfire. They also did a good job with their old-school hardcore, but it was very noticable that the audience didn't give a fuck about what happened on stage. Everybody saw the band put on a very energetic show, but they all just came here to see Biohazard. There was a little moshpit in front of the stage, but the reactions between the songs were pretty indifferent. The organisation could have put any random hardcore band on stage as support and it wouldn't have made a difference I guess. Everybody present was "Down For Life", but not with the two support acts. Both No Turning Back and Backfire deserved better, but it just wasn't predestinated. (Gilles)
Finally the lights went out in the crowded venue and everybody eagerly waited for what was to come. After the acoustic intro of ‘Loss’, the venue exploded when Biohazard walked on stage and kicked in with 'Shades Of Grey'. Within seconds there was the biggest moshpit of the evening, it almost looked like everybody had been saving their energy during the support acts. The party continued with ‘What Makes Us Tick’, ‘Tales From The Hardside’ and ‘Urban Discipline’. This made it pretty obvious. They would only play songs from the first three albums. From that point on, I knew this would be a night to remember and it was as if the audience felt the same. Ever since the first crowdsurfer appeared and Billy told the security to let it all happen, the heat was on. During every song there were stage divers, people on stage singing along and crowdsurfers. At the end of the show about 15 people stood onstage singing along ‘Down For Life’. During the encore Biohazard ended their show in style with ‘Punishment’ (with introtape), ‘How It Is’ and ‘Hold My Own’. After this, it was time to take pictures and talk with the band. To me it was a memorable night and a dream that came true. Indeed the best show of the year. (Niamen)