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Biohazard - Means To An End
 "I'm filled with hate". That very sentence is echoing through my speakers, and I can't stop wondering how a hardcore band can sing such lyrics, on their last album. 'Cause Biohazard, the band that used to be the biggest band in their genre worldwide, is calling it quits. After loads of misguiding and sometime hilariously bad albums, have just released their farewell album. The band that seemed so full of fresh anger and energy during Kill Or Be Killed, that previous album that is now finally proven to be an unjust effort. Biohazard, that band that is forgotten by an entire generation.

All in all, one can ask why they even bothered to record this disc. Why release a proper album like this, after calling it quits? This is nonsence. Not that I am willing to believe in a future for this band, but the mere combination of facts makes me puzzled. Because Means To An End is in many sences a decent release. It's not brilliant, it ain't fresh, but it is loud. And angry. And asking yourself how valid their anger is, seems trivial now that their future is clear.

Means To An End has brought back some, I repeat some, of the old hardcore Biohazard flavour of 'the old days'. In the sence that it's raw and loud. Not to mention fast at many points. It has that bottled agresion that makes or breaks an hardcore album. It's a fine selection of their talent, and what they are capable of.

But why buy this album? I mean, who still cares about Biohazard in 2005? Even the youngest generation of Hardcore Kids won't be bothered, some of them have never even heard of the 'phenoma' that is Biohazard. They do know Madball and Agnostic Front though. That's gotta hurt. On the other hand, the older generations have for the most part lost their interest in this part-time pornstar and his screaming angry dudes.

That's all I have to say about this shiny round disc. It's superfluous, pointless. It's a former hardcore legend screaming at a brick wall. No matter how good the actual disc is, it's excess baggage on the hardcore map. Alas. I won't miss them, will you?
Biohazard - Means To An End
60/1001Details Steamhammer
Released on Wednesday Aug 24th, 2005

Writer @Lex on Thursday Aug 25th, 2005

Tags: #Biohazard
Tracklisting 1. My Life, My Way (4:13)
2. The Fire Burns Inside (2:17)
3. Killing To Be Free (4:24)
4. Filled With Hate (3:09)
5. Devotion (3:17)
6. Break It Away From Me (3:08)
7. Kings Never Die (2:53)
8. Don\'t Stand Alone (3:53)
9. To The Grave (2:55)
10. Set Me Free (3:39)
Line up Evan Seinfeld - vocals, bass
Billy Graziadei - vocals, guitar
Danny Schuler - drums
Scott Roberts - guitar
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