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Biohazard - Kill Or Be Killed
Seventeen days. Thats all it took for the muscle heads of Biohazard to record this overpowering Hardcore effort. Seventeen days, and I hope nobody gave them a bad look, word or comment in those Seventeen days. Cause this album is pure fucking violence, and anyone who would do one thing wrong probably would have ended up with his "head kicked in".

To be Honest, I gave up hope for Biohazard ever releasing another major ass kicking recording, but this has to be one of the most agressive and hardest albums the NY Hardcore crew have ever laid out on record.

Through-out 10 furious songs Biohazard wipes out competition (Only Hatebreed would survive a battle with this record) with style, anger and fucked up melodies.

The songs all feature a very up tempo rithmic and the good ol' hardcore chants. Listening to this record, it's easy to imagine how fucking deadly the slam pits will be during the upcoming US tour with Hatebreed.

Biohazard, as native New Yorkers have seen the 09/11 events from a close range, and all the stuff that it has brought with it, and it has PISSED THEM OFF!!

'Kill Or Be Killed' is an absolute life saver for a band that was about to be forgotten after a couple of dissapointing records, with "Uncivilisation" as the bands absolute all-time low. This time it's revenge and anger that lead the listener through the ten songs, that lack any kind of star fever. This is pure, this is Biohazard as we want to hear it.

One slighty strange detail is that the copy of "Kill Or Be Killed" I own has a different tracklisting than whats on the back of de cd lay-out. On my copy the cd starts with an intro followed by "World On Fire", on the layout it starts without an intro, followed by the amazing song "Never Forgive Never Forget".

No harm done, the prick at the Free Records Shop's mistake I Suppose..

Conclusion: One of the best albums of 2003, one that I allready know of it is going end up in the top my 2003 yearlist!!!

Track Listing:
(as is said on the lay-out)

01 Never Forgive Never Forget
02 Kill Or Be Killed
03 Heads Kicked In
04 Beaten Senseless
05 Make My Stand
06 Open Your Eyes
07 Penalty
08 World On Fire
09 Dead To Me
10 Hallowed Ground

Review By: Napalm Lex
Biohazard - Kill Or Be Killed
96/1001Details Steamhammer / SPV
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Buzzin Hornet on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Biohazard
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