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Papa Roach, Filter, In This Moment - Melkweg Amsterdam
In This Moment opened up the show in an already very packed and crowded Melkweg. Maria Brink and her cute little yellow dress impressed the crowd, making her the centre piece of the stage. The show started off all right with Maria jumping up and down a lot - combined with some happy lateral hopping - but it took quite a while until the highlight of the performance came; a jump high enough to reveal the singer's panties. Blue, by the way. After that it was just a bunch of singing, shouting and playing of music. Bleh. By then we noticed there was actually a band playing the same stage. Had they been there all the time? Who knows. (Lex)

Awkward combination; Filter and Papa Roach on the same stage, the same night, the same tour. Awkward, for two reasons. One: Filter hasn't played the Netherlands in seven years. The last time being at the Lowlands festival in 2002. Kinda crappy for the fans to see their return just as a support act for a band that's so radically different from their musical background. Which brings us to the second pointe du awkwarde: Papa Roach and Filter fans are two completely incompatible groups: different generation, different people. And with Coby Dick (hihi) and his bros headlining; one can imagine who took the cake. Indeed; the much younger Papa Roach audience. And boy, did they have a hard time. Throughout the entire set, 99% of the crowd stood there and watched, with the exception of the occasional making of 'some noise' when requested by frontman Richard Patrick. Filter must have had more uplifting gigs in their lifetime. Despite from the endless - and by the end of the show slightly irritating - efforts to engage the crowd in the whole thing, the buzz just wasn't there. Should I end this review by saying "but hearing classics such as 'Hey Man Nice Shot' was nice any way"? No, fuck that. The whole thing turned in to quite a bummer, and seeing Patrick acting out the whole cocky rockstar act in front of a thousand uninterested kids was in fact kind of painful to watch. Let's hope Filter returns as a headliner to their own audience, within the next seven years. (Lex)

Just days after Papa Roach’s already infamous shitty concert in Manchester (somebody defecated at the back of the moshpit) we got to see these Sacramento lads in a sold out Melkweg in Amsterdam. Although I’m not up to date with this band for a long time anymore, I just had to be there for nostalgia reasons. After Filter, the crowd was more than ready to rock with Papa Roach - and being straight, have they ever been disappointing during a live gig? The band kicked in with a new song, immediately followed with the first Infest-classic track of the night, 'Broken Home'. The crowd loved it and went nuts and although I’ve got my doubts about the band's change of image from rap/nu-metal act to the Mötley Crüe-dressed outfit they’re now, I always believed that Jacoby Shaddix is a very sincere person and truly belongs on stage. He has all the charisma to entertain the audience to the max, giving it all and clearly loving it. Tonight he went off-stage to run a quick round across the balcony, which made the girls in the crowd go crazy. As the show progressed we got to hear a lot more songs from the more recent releases, including the singles 'Lifeline', 'Forever' and 'Hollywood Whore'. For the old fans not the most thrilling part of the show, but at the same time we knew that this was a build up towards a climax. After an hour of playtime the band performed 'She Loves Me Not', a relative old song, and shortly after we were back with true classics as 'Dead Cell' and 'Between Angels And Insects', leaving the crowd screaming for an encore. When the band returned on stage we got to hear 'Scars' and another new song from the recently released Metamorphosis record. When the band started to play yet another new tune we were afraid that they weren’t going to perform the song it all began with, 'Last Resort' - but fortunately they changed from tune, letting the crowd explode once more. (Mindsaver)