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Papa Roach, The Charm The Fury, Green Lizard - Papa Roach still got it!
 After I’d seen them perform a few songs at the Distortion festival back in November, I couldn’t be less excited to see Papa Roach again. However, because some friends would go and I liked the support acts, Green Lizard and The Charm The Fury, it was time to see Tivoli’s new venue.

The first band to play on this stage was Green Lizard, a grunge/rock band that used to be quite famous back in the days and went on hiatus between 2008 and 2012, but the band is back once again. The band played pretty well, but it seemed that the crowd was too young to understand their music. There wasn’t any movement and the crowd trickled in during their set. Although the music wasn’t very outstanding, I thought it was fine for an opening act.

Now it was time to step on it with The Charm The Fury. For those who still don’t know: it’s a female fronted metalcore band from Amsterdam. Although their music was much harder than the previous band’s music, it took a few songs before any movement occurred. After the first four songs it was time for a small moshpit, which went on during the rest of the set. This wasn’t the type of movement that belongs to this band, but the band itself didn’t move much either. They played well, but nothing more than that. It wasn’t the best performance I’ve seen, but it was also far from bad.

Then the headliner of the evening entered the stage: Papa Roach. Although I wasn’t enthusiastic about seeing them perform, many people were and they screamed their lungs out during the intro of “Infest”. After this song I was really flabbergasted, because the band was as good as two years ago. They proved that their set at Distortion was a one-time miss. The band continued their set with well-known hits like “Between Angels And Insects” and “Blood Brothers”, and in between a newer song, “Where Did The Angels Go”. After this very awesome and spot-on start it was time for the disappointment of the evening. I’d say to Jacoby: Never try to cover a rap god like Eminem ever again, please! Fortunately, the band only played a small part of “Lose Yourself”, which blended into another classic called “Broken Home”.

Vocalist Jacoby and the rest of the band were glowing with enthusiasm and energy, as well as the crowd. Of course he wanted to meet the fans again, so he sang a song while walking on the balcony. They played a good mix of older and newer songs, such as “Burn”, “Scars”, “Tightrope” and “…To Be Loved” before they already had to leave the stage. Of course the crowd screamed for more and hell, they got more! The band came back to perform another three songs called “Getting Away With Murder”, “Dead Cell”, and last but certainly not least “Last Resort”.

This was a very nice evening with an almost perfect gig by Papa Roach and two good supports, which weren’t perfect choices for different reasons. Nevertheless, the evening was highly enjoyable and it was good to see that Papa Roach still has it!