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Vader - Impressions In Blood
Poland is known for quite a few things. Cheap labor, stolen cars and of course, Vader. I’ll sum up the bands music in a few words if you haven’t heard of them before: Brutal Death Metal. If you like happy music or having your hair black, put on mascara and wear trendy clothes: this is not for you (unless you’re a girl. Girls are allowed to look like girls).
The new disc, with the family-friendly title Impressions In Blood, starts of with a fairly typical classical intro and kicks in with “ShadowFear”. Which is pretty much a typical Vader track! So far so good and one of the things you will notice is that the production on this disc is pretty damn good. It’s not overly processed so it still has a nice raw but defined sound. The first surprise is the track “Hellelujah!!! (God Is Dead)”, which is accompanied by an actual orchestra during certain parts. I thought death metal bands only used that stuff for intros!
Vader mastered the trick of combining fast death metal guitars with thrash-riffs to give the song a bit more spice and headbangability. Tracks like “Predator” are a nice break during all the raging menace that goes around. Drummer Daray is a worthy replacement of the unfortunately deceased Doc. The guy knows his death metal inside out; he has some amazing footwork and knows how to blast! The track “Amongst The Ruins” is pretty much his stamp on this new disc and it made me smile*.
Closing track “The Book” made it to my top 10 of “best Death Metal tracks” on the first listening. It's one of those tracks where everything fits. From the (here it is again) the classical intro, to the Slayer-ish thrashing (combined with some great percussion) and melodic soloing.
Impressions In Blood might be the band’s most varied record yet, and therefore it is easily becoming my favourite Vader record. I don’t think that it will convince a non-death metal fan but if you are one you need to get this record. Hail Poland!
*Please note you are not allowed to smile during Vader-tracks when you have friends around! You should look constipated and full of rage!
Vader - Impressions In Blood
82/1001Details Regain
Released on Thursday Sep 7th, 2006
Death Metal

Writer @Carn on Saturday Sep 2nd, 2006

Tags: #Vader
Tracklisting 1. Between Day And Night (0:41)
2. Shadowfear (4:50)
3. As Heavens Collide (2:41)
4. Helleluyah (god Is Dead) (3:02)
5. Field Of Heads (4:06)
6. Predator (5:12)
7. Warlords (2:44)
8. Red Code (2:30)
9. Amongst The Ruins (4:07)
10. They Live!!! (2:14)
11. The Book (5:07)
Line up Peter - vocals/guitars
Mauser - guitars
Novy - bass
Daray - drums
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