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Vader - The Beast

Formed in the late eighties, this band from Poland has never changed its style in almost 15 years. Vader has created its 7th studio album called The Beast. To give you a little preview, no they’ve not changed again!


The Beast starts out with an intro that flows together with the first real song on the album, Out Of The Deep. Vader is quite good in slamming your brains with a sledgehammer and laughing while they do it. Their work has always been quite technical, and The Beast is no exception. From real devastating riffs in a song like Firebringer, technical solo’s in I Shall Prevail, to mauling rhythms in Dark Transmission, they’ve created a very decent album. The Sea Came In At Last did surprise me because of the clean vocals from Peter. The best song of the album in my opinion is Insomnia, because of the blasting furious tempo they handle the whole song. Another strange bird on the album is Choices because of the melodic ballad like intro. This moment of clarity doesn’t last for long though, because the rest of the song is together with Insomnia, one of the fastest on the album. Great ending work!


Entertaining from the first song Out Of The Deep to the last one Choices, this album certainly isn’t bad. It’s quite the same as the previous albums, but surely a lot better than Revelations. In classical Vader style, this album won’t last longer than 30 minutes and that’s the perfect length for a Vader album. I’m quite impressed by this work and this will certainly find its place in my car because this is perfect driving music.


Track List:


1: Intro
2: Out Of The Deep
3: Dark Transmission
4: Firebringer
5: The Sea Came In At Last
6: I Shall Prevail
7: The Zone
8: Insomnia
9: Apopheniac
10: Choices


Line Up:


Guitars/Vocals – Peter
Guitars – Mauser
Bass – Novy
Drums – Doc


Additional Note:
The drums on The Beast have been recorded with Darray, because Doc was out for a while because of a wrist injury.