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Fuck The Facts - Stigmata High Five
Ok, first let me applaud the band's name and secondly the album title. I laughed. Anyway, we're dealing with a Relapse band here so that basically means that it's a quality act in whatever their style might be.

Canadian metallic spazz grinders Fuck The Facts play everything a little different than we're used to. First of all, the songs are way too long. Which is good, because it means more music. Anyway, I did mention that they're Canadian, and that also means: hyper blasting. Which is also good. 

No seriously, this is a very impressive collection of songs. It sounds like Converge on a date with Crytopsy while being served by Death for lack of a better description. It's one pissed off bitch of an album, but a sophisticated bitch as well. 

Interludes are sparse (but intricate) and always followed by a drastic explosion of technical violence. They don't wear their technical proficiency on the sleeve though, it's just used as a tool and never really stands in the way of the song.

Anyhow ladies and gentlemen, this a face shredding techie grind album with atmosphere and a very nasty split personality. It maybe a bit rough on the edges here and there, but in this case that's the whole charm of it. It sounds great (not polished mind you..) and after 33 minutes you'll probably press repeat to check what the hell just happened.

Great stuff.
Fuck The Facts - Stigmata High Five
84/1001Details Relapse
Released on Monday Aug 28th, 2006

Writer @Ce-El-Wan on Monday Oct 9th, 2006

Tags: #Fuck The Facts
Tracklisting La Derniere Image
The Wrecking
Carve Your Heart Out
Taken from The Nest
What's Left Behind
The Sound Of Your Smashed Head
Dead In The Ruins Of Your Own City
Line up Topon Das,
Mel Mongeon,
Mathieu Vilandr´┐Ż ,
Steve Chartier