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Inhume - In For The Kill
[b]Okay okay. If you�re a Dutch grindcore fan, you�ll know that I�m far too late with this review because this album was released in September of this year. But for the people who still care, here comes the pain![/b] Normally you�d expect a reasonably soft intro to a CD, but not this one. No you get immediately thrown into the living hell that is Inhume. �Incineration Of The Body By Own Will� is the first track that will start incinerating my hearing organs. And immediately on this track you�ll notice how great they are at making grindcore. Really really good drumming, a brutal bass distortion, screaming mad guitars and some vocals that will your mother burn your CD and send you to church. But hey, it�s time to grind! Numbers to be told about on the musical territory are �Inhume� for it�s brutality and speed (while you can say that about almost every song!), �Prelude To Human Confinement� for being even more brutal en shorter (41 seconds to be exact), �Decimated Content� for having a really cool drum intro followed by a bassdistortion that I find so fucking cool! �Profound Presumption is also a really brutal but short track, it lasts about 28 seconds of braintorturing soundwaves. Cool! Then I just have to make a comment on some of the lyrics. There are a couple of cool ones, like �Genetic Intervention� which is against cloning, and �Blood Orgy At 7Th Street� which is about killing hippies. Fun! But then again there are also songs about puttingyour phallus in a cow, called �Sodomizing Encounter� and one about having to take a shit, dubbed �Bowel Movement�. But you know what they say, extreme music, extreme lyrics. But then again, I can�t make out most of the lyrics anyway so it doesn�t bother me that much. Although a lot of the songs don�t last longer than 2 minutes this is a fantastic album. Sixteen songs in 32 minutes of the extreme shit on this fucking rotten planet. Anytime, anyplace, anywhere! I really like the bass sound on the album because it makes such a violent noise you just start to smile if you�re a bass player. But if you�re a drummer, many people tell me that they consider this drummer to be the best death metal/grindcore drummer from Holland, so check it out. The vocals are really good too. I certainly don�t doubt that we will here more from this fantastic band and I cant wait to hear their next album. Guys, keep on grinding! 1. Incineration Of The Body By Own Will 2. Process To Decelerate 3. Inhume 4. Genetic Intervention 5. Prelude To Human Confinement 6. Scourging 7. In For The Kill 8. Decimated Content 9. Ignorance Of The Elevated 10. Bitch Redecoration 11. Bowel Movement 12. Profound Presumption 13. Fucked With Paranoia 14. Blood Orgy At 7Th Street 15. Sodomizing Encounter 16. Retreat From Morality Line Up: Joost � vocals Johan � vocals (now replaced by Dorus) Loek � bass Roel � drums Ben � guitar Harold � guitar [b][i]Review made by Demondust[/b][/i]