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Peter Pan Speedrock - Speedrock Chartbusters Vol1
In case you didn't know, Garage was a style of greasy form of hardrock way before some lesbian feminist decided to label a weak and commercial form of house music 'UK-Garage'. In the eighties, Garage Rock was all about the very simplicity about rock music that makes the genre so apealing to millions all over the globe. It's about the riff, that rattle, the one, two, three rithmics. It's about drinking till you drop and smashing your head to a monitor. For years and years the sleazy garage rock seams to be pushed back into the underground. Smoochy rockers like the Hellacopters and Gluecifer were still around, but the real boost seems to come from the southern parts of the Netherlands where this style of music is becoming more and more a life style. Hollands most well known band playing smelly Hard Rock is the Eindhoven Rock City band Peter Pan Speedrock. The three piece formation is making it big time in the lowlands supoorting for Anthrax and Motorhead, and playing major and important festivals like Lowlands and the legendary Dynamo Open Air. As to be expected, Peter Pan's music is straight forward simple yet amazingly catchy, with great lyrics, inviting guitar work and the raw and completely fucked up 'vanelle zwaar' voice of PPS's lead singer Peter. After making name for themselves through the Hard Rocking efforts 'Peter Pan' , 'Killermachine' and the latest full length 'Premium Quality, Serve Loud'. As the fans wait for the next new album the band serves us 9 sublime Hard Rocking covers of The Butthole Surfers, Elvis Hitler, Led Zeppelin, The Misfits and more. Nine excellent Peter Pan versions of the allready excellent originals, with my personal favorites Butthole Surfers' Goofy Concern, Elvis Hitlers' Live Fast Die Young and Blood On The Sadle's Beer For Breakfast as highlights. Not shocking, nor state of the art Rock, just plain and simple Peter Pan versions of some amazing tunes from forgotten times. For rock and Peter Pan lovers a must-have. If you are not familiar with Peter Pan Speedrock, this might not be the album you are looking for. In that case, try 'Premium Quality' of 'Killer Machine' instead. Review By: Napalm Lex