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Striborg - Ghostwoodlands
There he is again, my Australian mate Sin Nanna with his demonic project Striborg. It looks like this guy shits out albums at the rate he’s releasing them. Some time ago I hadn’t even heard of the guy, now I own half his discography, go figure. Well, here we go again for another record filled with grim bleak forest metal, so go grab your corpse paint and sacrificial tools!

As with every Striborg release, the album contains two aspects. One is spacey synthesizer 80ies horror movie music, the other is the crappiest one-man black metal noise you’ve ever heard. Music that probably suited for 0,00000000000001% of this earth’s population, and those are probably some scary people too. Perhaps some people like me that like extremely weird music, but they are weird to, as I am living proof of that.
Well the bio has an extra point of information for a change, stating that this is an album with a much improved recording process. Well, Ghostwoodlands does sound a little less crappy than the other releases I’ve reviewed, but still nothing shockingly awesome. If you dig a guitar sounding like a broken television all the time, be my guest and pick this one up.
So for short, if you’re into his old stuff, this one will end up in your yearlists. If you like the description of this type of music, consider checking it out. If you don’t like black metal in the first place, run away if you see this name. I for one am expecting a new release very soon of course.
Striborg - Ghostwoodlands
72/1001Details Displeased Records
Released on Thursday Jun 28th, 2007
Black Forest Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Saturday Jul 7th, 2007

Tags: #Striborg
Tracklisting 1. Bete Noirs
2. Wandering The Wilderness Of Eternal Misery
3. Light Anomalies In The Phantom Woods
4. With Animosity I Bequeath Thee
5. Sinister Scraping Of The Spectres
6. Ghostwoodlands
7. Descending Into Utter Despair
Line up Sin Nanna - All Instruments and Vocals