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Striborg - Trepidation
Whohoooo, there he is again!
The same shit, the same concept for again about an hour. Lick the snot end of the tip of my prick you sad, sad, moron. Doesn't it bother anyone that this dude actually has a son too? What a sack of potatoes that will be.
Commercial black metal is not Dimmu Borgir, it's Striborg. The laziest, lowest form of music (which is a buy-recommendation to all people grimm and necro, but then again they're not even supposed to have a computer but live in a wooden fortress near a misty lake in the red forest in Chernobyl, which is the most radio-active place on earth).
Bla bla rape a cow, eat a dog, bla bla kill your grandma with a lawnmower, bla bla BATHE IN THE BLOOD OF THE INNOCENT, MWUHAHAHAHA!
Conclusion: my farts probably smell nicer than his, because I enjoy a nice can of beans when the sun is above Jupiter and the camels of Mongolia dance the Macarena. How's that for a review? Great huh! So is this fucking music!!!
Striborg - Trepidation
1/1001Details Displeased Records
Released on Saturday Dec 22nd, 2007

Writer @DemonDust on Saturday Dec 22nd, 2007

Tags: #Striborg
Tracklisting 1. Pavor Nocturnus
2. Journey of a Misanthrope
3. Reaping the Fields of Black Death
4. Black Gaia
5. Dismal Snowset in the Sombre Forests
6. The Everlasting One of the Forest
7. Winter Frost, Hail and Snowfall
8. Trepidation
9. Catawampus
10. Whispering Spirit
Line up Johnny Cocksucker - sperm swallower
William Rectumspreader - glow-in-the-dark poo-finder
Dog - barks
Cow - sings operas
Arne Janssen - neukt minderjarige meisjes in zijn graf