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Striborg - Journey Of A Misanthrope
How do you top (re-)releasing six albums in one year of the same crappy black metal? You release a fucking DVD, that’s what you do! I was equally disgusted as curious when I found out that my favourite one-man band Striborg would be releasing one, so let’s take a look at Journey Of A Misanthrope.
The bio states that this is the first “real” black metal DVD. I can tell you, he is right. My hero Sin Nanna has teamed up with a person named Phaedra to capture and edit this magnificent movie about forests, mountains, snow and the moon. That’s about it. The “movie” starts out with black metal boots walking through the snow, alternated with shots of surrounding trees. Other clips feature complete darkness with a flashlight shining on trees, or night vision footage of the same. And there is one track, I believe it is ‘Somnambulistic Nightmares’, where you see him play his instruments on a rookie level, as we are used to from his work. This is also the only track I somewhat liked, because it has this black/doom riff in it.
Besides eight clips accompanying the horrid music, there is a forest gallery. Guess what that is. Right. Pictures of trees. And pictures of Sinn Nanna in front of and behind trees. Furthermore there is a treeography. Sounds promising, but it’s just his discography (in text, no covers included) followed by some more shots of trees. If I didn’t know any better I’d say he was a hippie or something.
Well, watching this “journey” made me hate myself basically. I couldn’t keep my attention to the images and the music irritated the hell out of me, as always. It’s nice to see if you’re interested in Tasmanian landscapes, or if you think Satan truly exists. In both cases, I feel no need to talk to you, ever. Stay tuned for part two; The Arrival Of A Misanthrope, followed by Sitting Down And Chilling Out By A Misanthrope and Spanking A Goat While Masturbating By A Misanthrope. Other than that, new albums must probably already be on their way to our office. I can’t wait.