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Striborg - Autumnal Melancholy
Well Striborg, I don’t know what to say. Displeased Records has decided to stop sending us your records because we don’t deal with it seriously. I would like to apologize towards the label for us not being able to offer a reviewer with an interest in this sort of music (we have only one true black metal reviewer, so if you know anyone let us know!). But on the other hand, it is somewhat of a relief writing this review. Here we go, album review number seven; Autumnal Melancholy.
The music needs no more describing I think, for that issue I have typed enough words I think. Fact is that this is such an inaccessible style of necro black metal, it’s hard to find anyone who likes this at all. I personally don’t know anybody who has this shit at home, but trust me, there are lost souls buying this. And those people either have an utterly bizarre taste in music, or they worship Satan in their daily lives for real.
A load of my mind, considering this is the last one. Although I honestly think I’m going to miss you. You were kind of a hype amongst the Metalrage crew, we knew we could always count on you to deliver us a good portion of broken-tv sounds and crappy musicianship every two months. I could write a review before I had even heard your album. To be fair, I will promise to contact the label as soon as we find a person that digs your music.
We will meet again, oh dark misanthrope of the mountain forests. When goats poop in the snow, I will be waiting for you in the lair of Beelzebub. Until then, keep up the good work!
Striborg - Autumnal Melancholy
66/1001Details Displeased Records
Released on Saturday Mar 15th, 2008
You know... crap!

Writer @DemonDust on Wednesday Apr 2nd, 2008

Tags: #Striborg
Tracklisting 1. The Crying Mirror
2. The Void and Cloudless Sky
3. As a Hermit Hiding in the Trance of Night
4. In Opressive Silence
5. The Manifestation of Black Residua Energy
6. Autumnal Melancholy
7. Meandering in Sorrow
8. Transfiguration of Terror
Line up Sin Nanna - All Instruments&Vocals