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Kreator - Enemy of God Revisited
I actually find it a bit funny sometimes to review a band that has been on the road as long as I am alive. As a result, I am aware of the fact that I am currently not and I will never be the biggest Kreator fan. Yet, I have developed a strong weakness for pure thrash and when there’s the slightest opportunity to perform some pure headbanging, I won’t even think about refusing. Kreator has made another DVD.
And which place would be better to record a live gig than a gig at the Wacken festival? As always, the crowd at this festival is loyal to the band as hell, which must lead into a good ambience. The first thing I noticed when the DVD started was the use of the colors. Imagine a set when the sun is already down for its biggest part and you thus have a smaller range in colors. This has been accentuated even more in a way that most of the pictures are in grey or some dirty green. Mostly I would consider this as a bad thing but it actually fits with the pure thrash and the heavy riffs Kreator has become popular with.
The different camera’s are giving a great impression of what it would have been back then, in 2005 at the Wacken festival. All the musicians have lots of close-ups, both from the front and from the back which results in a realistic approach; you could imagine how it was for both the band and the crowd. On top of that, several individuals in the crowd received a close-up which gives you the ability to feel the emotions of that particular day even more. It all seems like one big video-clip, but in a very characteristic and specific way. And it truly fits Kreator. This is an amazing way to record a live gig. Finally, the set list is just decent which is no surprise when you’re in a band with such a load of incredible heavy metal songs. My all-time favorites are all included like ‘Pleasure to Kill’ (are you ready to kill each other?!), Violent Revolution’, ‘Voices of Death’ and the almighty ‘Flag of Hate’.
Live At The Rockpalast
Compared to the Wacken performance, this is the opposite. Whereas the festival is incredibly huge, this is a very tiny venue. Also, this performance is recorded using full colour pictures which seems strange after witnessing such a show as the previous one. But then, the band is playing like hell again and the crowd is intimate, but really enjoying themselves. I believe that the recordings have been on the German television before but I’m not quite sure about that. Just see this as a fine alternative for big shows.
Enemy Of God DTS 96/24 mix
Once again, Kreator has decided to do things their own way. In this section, the whole album Enemy of God can be seen/listened with two different backgrounds which represent the ambience of the album artwork. Although it might seem to be nice at first, the thrilling pictures and the appearance of the lyrics in karaoke style become irritating as the album goes by. I’d rather just listen to the album (which has some pretty damn fine songs by the way, in case you haven’t noticed yet) instead of watching this whole package.
Clips from Enemy of God
This section contains, how surprising, the video clips that have been recorded for the album and a making of ‘Enemy of God’ where all the people involved (such as the 11-year old girl who plays a main part in the video clip) tell something about their interpretations of the clip. Of course this is nice, but I think such things are interesting for the real fans only. Personally, I’d rather just see the guys play.
Special attention is paid towards the clip of Dying Race Apocalypse' which has been worked out by a contest winner (the band conducted a contest to come up with a clip for this song). The result actually looks pretty nice.
In sum, Kreator has come up with a pretty unique DVD. All the four components contain an individual twist which states the attempt for creativity of the band. Unfortunately not all the chapters are that strong but overall, Enemy of God Revisited is a great DVD for everyone involved in heavy music, with the Wacken show as one of the greatest video recordings I’ve ever seen.
Kreator - Enemy of God Revisited
78/1001Details SPV
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
Thrash Metal

Writer @CarpeSiem on Monday Nov 13th, 2006

Tags: #Kreator
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