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Sankt Otten - Messias Maschine
In the best German tradition Sankt Otten made music in the vein of Tangerine Dream and other synth buddies from the seventies and the eighties. With Messias Maschine the sound is going towards avant-garde and bits of krautrock. They invited a bunch of musicians to make this album. Added are guys from Maserati, Can, Zombi and Bohren & Der Club of Gore. Did these additions bring a positive side to the record?

Yes, there was always enough to explore when listening to the two Germans, I also always felt the sound was a bit too fragile having only two musicians. With the latest two albums Gottes Synthesizer and Sequencer Liebe in mind they added more body to the music now and with all the guest musicians they topped themselves.
In ‘Das grosse weinen ist vorbei’ the Caribbean drum patterns of Jaki Liebezeit of Can give the music a feel like if the duo is immigrated to a sunny beach with palm trees.  Guitarist Coley Duane Dennis of Maserati transforms ‘Da kann selbst Gott nur Staunen’ into a song of his own band. Also the Sankt Otten drum patterns are adapted to the American postrock band. Before these songs the first four ones are in the typical Sankt Otten style; melancholic with a bit of progressive influences of course.
It’s a bit hit or miss in ‘Das Geräusch des Wartens’, once again Jaki Liebezeit puts his mark on the song with his drum beats but there is no drive in this song and the repetition is boring. The tempo is speed up and energetic in ‘Wenn ein Masterplan keiner ist’ while the sound is spacy as old Klaus Schulze/Tangerine Dream and the drums are played in a progressive/technical way. Just what the record needs at this point!
The masters of spacy sci-fi synthesizer music nowadays are of course Zombi and it’s no wonder A.E. Paterra shares his electronic drum skills with the Sankt Otten guys. Under the moniker Majeure he already shared a split with the Germans and this song fits both camps. In a sultry ambient way including timid saxophone sounds of Bohren & Club of Gore’s Christopher Clöser in  ‘Endlich ein schlechter Mensch’ this song is the highlight and perfect ending of the record. Late at night it’s perfect to fall asleep and dream endlessly.
Sankt Otten - Messias Maschine
80/1001Details Denovali
Released on Friday Jun 28th, 2013
Krautrock /Synthesizer / Electronics

Writer @Maurosis on Thursday Jun 27th, 2013

Tags: #sankt otten #denovali #krautrock #can
Tracklisting 1. Du Hast Mich Süchtig Gemacht [feat. Jaki Liebezeit (Can)
2. Die Messias Maschine
3. Mach Bitte, Dass Es Leiser Wird [feat. Miles Brown (The Night Terrors)
4. Im Himmel Angekommen [feat. Ulrich Schnauss]
5. Das Grosse Weinen Ist Vorbei [feat. Jaki Liebezeit (Can)
6. Da Kann Selbst Gott Nur Staunen [feat. Coley Duane Dennis (Maserati)
7. Das Geräusch Des Wartens [feat. Jaki Liebezeit (Can)
8. Wenn Ein Masterplan Keiner Ist [feat. Harald Grosskopf (Ashra/Klaus Schulze)
9. Nach Dir Die Sinnesflut [feat. A. E. Paterra (Majeure/Zombi)
10. Endlich Ein Schlechter Mensch [feat. Christoph Clöser (Bohren & Der Club Of Gore)
Line up Stephan Otten: Drums, Programming, Synthesizers
Oliver Klemm: Guitars, Bass, Synthesizers
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