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Dragged Into Sunlight / Gnaw their Tongues / Terzij de Horde - Your worst nightmare on Valentine's Day

On this bleak Valentine’s Sunday there is only rain coming out of the sky so to find some sunlight I drag my body to Patronaat, Haarlem to see Dragged into Sunlight who collaborated last year with Dutch master of fancy music Gnaw Their Tongues. Their album is a masterpiece in vile Black Metal, Crust and Noise for those who hate this world. Before the headliners Terzij de Horde is unleashing their intensity in Black Metal and Screamo into the air. Their latest album ‘Self’ and release show was one of Dutch Black Metal highlights.

Today in the Patronaat bar it’s a bit different. The room is crowded, singer Joost is moving around like a maniac but the sound of the raging music isn’t that clear to absorb in the Black Metal waves. During the show the sound improves and the Dutch ode to the poems of Gerard Marsman in ‘A Crooked Flower in Cosmos' Flailing Mouth’ is finally the turning point. The last song of the set is the best. The five guys connect Black Metal with raging nineties screamo into one big whirlwind. In the quiet passage bass player Johan is screaming in the air and dueling with vocalist Joost. Yes their background in hardcore gives Terzij de Horde a different view.

During Gnaw Their Tongues’ startup the effects from the noise generator are failing. The horror atmosphere is completely gone so it takes some songs to get fully attacked by the mix of horror electronics and raging Black Metal with drum computer sounds. Main maniac Mories is screaming his guts out in the microphone while plucking his bass guitar. The coldness drips from the material however in a live setting the stage presence and one-dimensional music are only for the true diehard.  After twenty minutes I had enough.

After a long ambient interlude staring at candles and three animal skulls hell is unleashed by Dragged into Sunlight. In the doomy mixture of Crust and Black Metal the band is presenting songs from the debut album together with two new songs of the collaboration with Gnaw Their Tongues. Too bad the collaboration didn’t happen onstage; instead these UK bastards are sonically overthrowing the listener with the most hellish sounds you can imagine. They have the best sound of the day and in 40 minutes they have pissed all over your hope and dreams. No love will ever be there in the upcoming years on Valentine day…