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Hed pe - Only In Amerika
Okay all you lovers and haters, bitches and playas it has finally been done. Jahred has gotten the change to talk REAL dirty on a HED p.e. album. And what an album it is!! If you’re having girl problems I feel bad for you son, just put on this record and those problems are motherfucking gone!

For those who don’t know HED p.e., a small introduction. Imagine the best combination of rap/hip hop and metal possible. A bad ass rapper with screaming abilities, some phat beats and heavy riffs making noise varying from punkrock to plain hip hop. Releasing a self titled album followed up by the fairly successful Broke lead to a promising start. Then disaster struck, one of the guitarists felt that Jahred’s lyrics were too offending and rough and so he left. After his departure the third album Blackout was released, where you could really notice that Jahred wasn’t showing as much attitude as we were used too. Big mistake!
The other guitarist left as well and so did the drummer. But a new guitarist and drummer (Moke, ex-Otep) were found and a new album was recorded. And it blows my fragile little mind!
Now before you play this album you should ask yourself a couple of questions:
  1. Do I like the words “bitch”, “fuck”, “dick” and “pussy”?
  2. Have I ever been so mad a woman that I just have my anti-female phases now and then?
  3. Can I enjoy punkrock combined with nu-metal and gangsta rap?
If you answered yes on all three questions, don’t even listen, just buy it.
For those who need convincing, a brief explanation of this album. When the intro starts, some babbling from Jahred kicks in, followed up by some girl singing “yeah daddy I was born to ride”, ending it of with “if I suck your dick will you put it inside me”. Just a half minute later your being told that you have to talk to the pussy and stuff while the girl’s almost screaming to “get it wet first”!!!!! I could barely contain my laughter.
Then follow twelve tracks varying from real heavy punkrock like they have done never before to their catchy phat ass beats with attitude raps that are mainly about sex. Some find it disgusting, I call it divine. It does go serious from time to time, but I like the other lyrics better!
The music has improved a lot, more intense drumming (double bass!), more metal-styled guitar solo’s and even more variation in the style of music thanks to the bigger dose of punkrock. Vocally there has been a change too, Jahred has learnt how to grunt! Great addition to attitude rapping, singing and screaming. Yes I’m very satisfied with this stuff!
I just have to put some lyrical quotes in this review, too hilarious:
“I spank ass – bite necks – pull hair, I fuck you in the kitchen, doggy one the stairs”
“I fuck a slut, I cum up in her mouth, I do whatever the fuck I want, I’m an American”
“I wanna bust my nut, you wanna love me, I wanna suck your tits, you wanna hug me, Shes so fine I’m so ugly”
“the last time I was fooled the bitch was just sixteen, big ass, big tits looked at least twenty-three”
And there’s a whole lot more where that came from!  If you’re not at least grinning now you’re either female or you have everything Creed ever released. I mean, there’s even a track called Cum Bitch Cum! Does it get anymore humoristic than this?
I could just blabber on and on about this record, praising it to heaven, but you gotta hear it too believe it. It makes you disrespect women and feel like fucking, smoking and drinking all night long! This is the party album of 2005!!! Bow down to this and take it up the arse!
Track listing:
1. Foreplay 
2. Represent 
3. The Truth 
4. Wake Up 
5. War 
6. The Box 
7. C.B.C. 
8. Voices 
9. Raise Hell 
10. Amerikan Beauty 
11. Chicken 
12. Daydreams 
13. Not Dead Yet 
HED (hidden track)  
Line Up:
Jahred – vocals
Jaxon – guitar
Mark – bass
Moke – drums
DJ Product 1969 – turntables, samples