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Conan/Monomyth - Conan is pulverising everyone on their last show of the tour.
People who are into the Doomdub of Necro Deathmort weren’t lucky tonight as they had to cancel the show due to family circumstances. Conan, also from the UK stepped up as the headliner and the new sensation in Stoner/Psychedelic/Progressive Rock Monomyth (recently signed by Nijmegen based label Burning World/Roadburn Records) is warming up all those that attend on this cold February night. 

Monomyth is playing more and more on the European stages and you see the confidence is growing. They make a pretty interesting and daring combination of Stoner Rock and Seventies Progressive Rock topped off with some Post-Metal influences. A guitarist with a twin guitar and three members sitting (except for the drums we have a synthesizer- and keyboard player) might look a bit nerdish but the music is far from that. The five guys bring you to the spacey depths of the seventies without forgetting the heavy energy and staccato rhythms. Drummer Sander (known from the band 35007) is a beast on his drum kit and prevents the band never gets boring or stays too long in mesmerizing territories. Together with the bass player he is the keeper of the groove and the balls that are necessary in a genre were everyone wants to be fuzzier than anyone else.

As heavy and low as Sunn 0))) the bassist and guitarist of Conan are warming up their amps. During the buzzing tones (even your jeans starts to move) drummer Paul O’Neil takes his time to put some duck tape on his fingers before hitting his drum kit the last time of the tour. These three boys are not in a hurry, in a slow rhythm the first song starts. Just when you think on which moment the music is changing, the speed is going up and a threatening groove is killing the muscles in your neck. Conan knows how to write a song in the Doom and Sludge territories. They even enter some hardcore influences in their sound, because the guitar tuning is so low not everyone will recognize it.

On the groovy and monstrous sound guitarist Jon Davis is shouting in the microphone as if he is ordering his last pint before the pub is closing. His barking is different from the screaming singers that mostly terrorize the crowd in this genre. It makes Conan a beast on its own catching everyone in the crowd that’s having a good night with a portion of Sludge/Doom. With a selection of old and new material the trio is never boring in this hour. Everyone is excited when they do one encore that sums up everything where they stand for. In sonic feedback the show ends and with buzzing ears everyone goes home with a smile.